Still in Pain

yes i am still in a great amount of pain. my jaw is really swollen.
manda, yes, it was really infected. one time that they injected the pain killer, it hit a puss-pocket and puss squirted everywhere.
they also ended up cutting the bottom of the tooth in half because they couldn’t get it right out by pulling. i felt with my tongue today that my gum is cut too. 🙁 🙁 🙁 so it hurts in all the injection sites on top of the removal site and the cut site.
800mgs doesn’t seem to do much but dull the pain a bit, and i am really in misery. my head is throbbing from the pain too.
i rescheduled our family pictures AGAIN. they were going to be tomorrow, but i didn’t want to chance still feeling (and looking) this way. so i made them for tuesday.
well gotta go now… hugs and thanks for the prayers…please keep them coming…

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