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please pray that my pain will end soon. even after 12 injections of pain killer (they were not allowed to give me more), i still felt the removal. it took a long time because the tooth was SO eroded and damaged. it was literally crumbling when they tried to take it out. on top of that, they said since i was young, my bone was harder than most people’s who get teeth removed.
i am allowed to take 800mg of ibuprofin every 6 hours, and that’s it.
the appointment was at two. i went right in, and got started almost immediately. they didn’t get done until 10 til five. i was shaking and i could hardly breathe. i thought i was going to pass out or vomit, or both. it’s a miracle i made it home.
i told the nurse’s aid i would GLADLY give birth instead of this pain. she thought i was crazy, but honestly it was the worst pain i have ever felt in my ENTIRE life.
needless to say, i am in agony. thank the Lord my mom is here so i can take a rest.
please, please pray.

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