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More Prayer

i go in tomorrow to get my bothersome tooth extracted, and i am nervous. i HATE tooth pain. and it hurts like crazy now, but what if it hurts MORE for a while? i mean, come on, they are REMOVING a tooth!! sigh. just please be thinking of me tomorrow around two!!!

i took josiah in to the dr, to ask about his frequent spitting up. i was told that it’s very slight gerd, but not bad enough to warrant medicine. they gave me a script for zantac (i think that’s the name = i get zantax mixed up with it! it’s the antacid one) but that’s it. he isn’t losing enough weight to be considered at a dangerous level. she also said to put cereal in his formula. up until now, i balked at this. but since he’s nearly four months, i tried it today already. didn’t do much, but he has spit up a LITTLE less than before…so we’ll see!!

continue to pray about my concern from the other day. i am still really really low. i’m sure it’s partly because i’m so tired, but i don’t have time to get enough sleep right now! honestly, i am so exhausted. emotionally and physically. jerry and i are really working ourselves to the bone trying to get the BMC all perfect, and i fear it won’t even be in time for next week! next monday is the end of our huge sale going on…sigh!!! i wanted to unveil the changes yesterday. 🙁
for those who want a sneak peek at all the changes – keep in mind it’s still not done – feel free!!!! and please note if you want to buy something, i don’t think the cart is working yet (believe me, jerry is working on it when he can!).

well i am working on someone’s order right now. i’m kinda stuck on it, so i want to concentrate.

God bless…

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