Sun Shines Through

Sun Shines Through

i just had to mention, as i’m bursting with joy, some GOOD news to share.

one: my brother and sister in law are pregnant! they are due with their first baby in june. congratulations, jay and natalie, we are all so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (this is the big secret i couldn’t mention the other day! but she had a dr’s appt and blood test and everything is looking great!!) please pray that she has a wonderfully easy, normal pregnancy and a happy healthy baby!

two: i just received an email from my dear friend autumn, the one who was having problems about the birth father in a potential adoption. the baby has been born, and they are flying out to meet her. so far it seems the birth father will step out of the way, as he is headed for boot camp soon. i guess he thought his girlfriend could watch the baby while he was away…so please pray for their trip and also that their trip will not be in vain. congratulations, autumn, b and f!!! i love you!!! i can’t wait to see your new little girl!!!!!

it just goes to show you…when you feel like you’re down lower than you can go, the Lord will bring something to you to push you back up again. thanks, LORD.

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