Another Prayer

Another Prayer

jerry came home from work early. his bp was 86/42. he has been having his heart difibrilation again, with blackouts and weak knees, etc. he knows we don’t have money to go to the er, plus last time they did nothing for him, so we are waiting to hear from someone at a heart physician’s office to see what our next step should be.
the poor man is honestly more concerned with the money issue than with his health. he wanted to stay at work, in THIS condition, because he didn’t want to miss out on a day’s pay. 🙁 my heart breaks for his dedication, but also that he feels he needs to work in such condition…
i know we are broke and need money but i keep thinking somehow the Lord will provide…i keep thinking that suddenly we will get a lot of orders in for the business.

just please pray. will update when i can.

UPDATE: call came back…they can’t get him in until oct 31!!! how ridiculous. he said he will just try to take it easy and if he feels horrible enough, he will have to go into the er. at least he realizes that…
please please pray!

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