Near Desperation

Near Desperation

ok i know, i sound like i’m begging. i sound like i’m whining. i sound like i can’t let go.

honestly, financially right now we are near desperation. we have literally 35 dollars in the bank and jerry needs to get gas. student loans came out of deferrment, our house payment is going up about 50 bucks a month, hospital and dr bills are overdue (in fact i just got a call saying that we would be sent to collections if we didn’t pay today, and obviously we can’t!!). jerry gets paid tomorrow, but it won’t go through until friday. we honestly honestly need the site to get some business soon. like SOON i mean. if you can ask around to your friends to see if they are interested in cards or gifts, please do.

i made a small logo, since i don’t make blinkies (don’t know how!) for you to put on your blog, if you are interested in getting us business. if you would like to, here it is: and please link it to

well i need to go take care of my son, who has ketchup in his hair and hasn’t napped yet. he actually napped for five minutes, then awoke screaming his head off. he made himself throw up he was so upset, and we still don’t know what happened. i am going to try to get him back to bed in a minute.

please pray for us guys.

ETA: blessing – we got an ‘early’ Christmas check of 40.00 from jerry’s mom.

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