Please Pray

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a dear friend of mine, whom i met on the net several years ago, has a precious five year old through adoption. she has been trying to adopt another child since the little girl was around one or two. she has had several failed adoptions.
well, when i was pregnant with josiah, she emailed me on cloud nine – she was going to be a mommy again!
everything has been going great – she is going to adopt another little girl, who will be born at any time. the birth mom is still completely on board – she’s signed all the papers and everything. well, my friend just found out today that the birth father is refusing to sign the papers. he is 18.
my friend is really not doing well with this news. she has had too many failed adoptions and is just so heartbroken.
please pray for this baby and for my friend, as well as the situation. i know the Lord works in ways we don’t understand. please pray.

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