2 Month Appt.

2 Month Appt.

today was josiah’s two month appointment. he got three shots. i hate it when my kids get shots. i went alone, without jerry and jeremiah. it was hard, but i think my baby blues are over (again) because i got through it without a breakdown. i can’t say the same for josiah however!
at 2 mos, 5 days today, he weighed in at 12lbs 5 oz and was 23 inches long. 50% down the line. i am very excited with his weight, considering he’s 98% breastfed now!!! go, me! 😀
(jeremiah weighed 13lbs and was 23in at 2mo, 4days.)
she of course said that co-sleeping is discouraged. i know this. and personally, i don’t WANT to do it. i don’t sleep well when he’s in bed with me. but at the same time, i love it. i love waking up and seeing his beautiful little face sleeping next to me. i love waking up to feeling something, to find his little hand on my face or in my hair. he reached out just to make sure i was there. it is so precious and amazing. he wants to be near me. it’s not about nursing anymore, since he nurses probably once or twice when he’s with me in bed. it’s about closeness. i wish i could have it without being concerned about his safety. i never sleep deeply because my mind won’t let me. i just can’t shake the feeling that something could happen to him. 🙁
he has been ending up in bed with me because as soon as i lie down to sleep, he somehow senses me and wakes up crying for me. it’s just easier on me to bring him to bed, since by that time i am so dreadfully tired i’ll fall asleep while nursing anyway.
tonight i’m going to move the bassinette a bit further away from the bed, and i’m also bringing the heating pad out. when jeremiah went through this stage, i turned the heating pad on medium, put it in his positioner and then took it out before putting him in it. it sort of ‘tricked’ him into thinking he was still with me, because it was so warm, and he was still surrounded by the positioner. hopefully it works with josiah too. i could REALLY use a great sleep tonight.

jerry and i are going to do something together on friday. we didn’t get to spend any time together today. 🙁 but we know we love each other. isn’t that what matters?

if anyone has a business checking account, can you recommend or discourage your bank? we are wanting to start one up for BMC. we need minimum payments a month, since we don’t even know how it will go!

btw julie if you haven’t seen it, there are samples on the site now! 😀 not a ton, but some. i made a card for addie. it’s in the 5×7 section. it is one of my favorites now. 😀

i have some super exciting news…but i can’t tell it yet. oh i am so horrible at secrets!!!!

God bless!

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