Friends’ Discount

just wanted to let you know – currently during the holiday season, Blessed Mama Creations will be offering a 5% discount to friends and family and donating 5% to wheeler mission ministries.
i hope some of you will consider ordering a Christmas card or other gift idea from us! 🙂

sorry i keep pushing this – i have to until it takes off. 😉

jerry is off this weekend – yahoo!
jeremiah let josiah be in pictures with him yesterday (actually, i was taking pics of josiah, and jeremiah didn’t want to be left out. LOL.). i will get them in the gallery when i can, and update the date once they are up.
we are going with my parents to an apple orchard and hayride/hotdog roast tomorrow. 🙂
we have found a church that we like so far – pray that it works out.
my sister in law still needs to give me her address…

love ya’ll!

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