Josiah :: 2 Months Old!!

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i can’t believe my little tiny jo-jo bean is two months old today. time flies way too fast.
he is doing a lot better lately with the crying. i am nursing more and giving less supplements, plus i have cut out milk for drinking, and i think those have made quite a difference. i really miss my milk, so i’m thinking of going on lactaid milk again.
josiah is so adorable and so much fun. he seems to have the same sweet personality his big brother had at this age.
he is holding his head up great, tho it’s still a tiny bit wobbly. he still doesn’t enjoy tummy time, but there are times he tolerates it very well.
he is sleeping well at night, only getting up one time for a feeding…of course since i bring him to bed with me to nurse, he really has no need to get up any more does he? lol. this is one of the reasons i am soooo tired…i don’t sleep well when he’s in bed with me. i don’t sleep well when he’s crying either, so this is the best option. i also think it may be one of the reasons my milk production has gone up – nursing at night must really make a difference.
throughout the day he still naps frequently, but for very short stretches. i keep hoping this will mean longer nighttime sleep, but so far not so! the only time he sleeps for a LONG time is when he’s in his swing. he loves that swing…we should buy stock in D batteries. 😉
he seems to be bigger than i remember jeremiah being. but honestly i don’t know. i still haven’t found jeremiah’s 0-3 mo clothes to get him in to compare. (which is very annoying! jeremiah had some CUTE things i wanted to put josiah in!) his appoinment isn’t until next monday, so we’ll wait til then for an official weight and length.
he smiles all the time now, and i have caught many silly smiles on camera, but very few of his sweet smiles.
going back looking at jeremiah’s two month photos to compare them showed me they have almost the exact same nose. LOL. i think josiah will have a longer nose tho. their eyes are very similar in iris shape and pupil size – they have big irises and pupils like i do. but josiah’s eyes are CLEARLY brown. they are the shade of jerry’s eyes too. 😀 their lips are nothing alike either. we still can’t figure where josiah’s lip shape came from – it’s very distinct. and his smile gets very big and wide, whereas jeremiah has a large lower lip but his overall smile is medium size.
why am i comparing pics? well, jerry said people at his jobs are choosing sides, if you will, of who is cuter. yeah, i guess they have nothing better to do! some insist jeremiah was the cuter baby, and some insist josiah is. it’s not a mother’s job to compare such things. i think they are both beautiful. they are both my gorgeous, handsome babies. and honestly i think it’s strange that strangers (to me and the boys) are comparing our kids looks. jerry of course defended the boys with my opinion, that they are both beautiful boys, in their own distinct way.
well josiah is waking up from another short nap. i will try to post more later if i can – i will include it in this post.

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