Going Stir-Crazy…Or Just Plain Crazy

Going Stir-Crazy…Or Just Plain Crazy

i wanted to get out of the house so badly today. two problems: i had a disobedient toddler and an unconsolable infant on my hands.
jeremiah wouldn’t listen to anything i said today, and josiah would only calm down when held or in the swing. he didn’t give me a moment’s peace today. jeremiah had more than several spankings involving disobedient behavior. doing things he KNOWS he’s not allowed to do. SIGH.

i am at the end of my rope with the both of them today. i’m so glad it’s bedtime, but of course i won’t be going to bed anytime soon. for one thing, josiah is still next to me, crying (an off/on whiny kind of cry, that is accompanied by a toot here and there), and secondly, i have a dirty kitchen that he hasn’t let me touch. i am so looking forward to getting the sling soon…

please pray for me. i know i’m not the only mom to ever have two children under two. but i’m the only mom to have THESE two under two. i love them more than life itself but i am just going mad.

we did get out for a stroller ride around our block, but josiah cried for half of that too. i honestly thought he was getting better, but obviously not. i feel so sorry for him but it is also driving me nuts. make sense?

just please pray.

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