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Tough Topic Thursday, Oct. 31 – F – Faith

Is faith important to you? If so, how do you live out your faith? Who is the Founder of your faith? Is there a difference between a ‘faith’ and a ‘religion’ in your eyes?

my faith is VERY important to me. my entire life is based upon it. my moral compass is derived from the Book of my faith, the Bible, so in my everyday life i strive to follow the Founder of my faith, Jesus Christ. I have always made sure that people know Christianity is not a religion, it’s a faith, because RELIGION is used as such an ugly word these days. ‘religious fanatics’ comes to mind. i know in the Bible religion is spoken of more kindly. still, a faith is what i like to call Christianity because it proves i’m believing in something, in someone, and that belief causes me to follow Him.

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  1. My Faith is the corner stone of my existance.. Without it I woul
    My Faith is the corner stone of my existance.. Without it I wouldn’t be able to survive. My faith is also simple.. I believe with all my heart that we Christians often make to much of the gift God gave us freely when His Son died on the Cross that day. Salvation is for all who only believe. there are no read my terms to it.. Just that if you call upon the name of Jesus and believe it will every fiber of your being, you will be saved. To be like Chist is the Goal, but it wasn’t and still isn’t possible to be totally forgive without the shedding of His precious blood. Often I wish people could just grasp that simple concept. Yes my faith is my life.. each and every day I thank God for saving me a sinner and giving me the free gift of Enternal Life.. Great question!!! Love you!! And please do stress so much about being a mom.. It will happen.. Maybe in even better ways than you’ve ever dream. *hugs*

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