BMC Trucking Along….

BMC Trucking Along….

ok here’s the deal. we were just going to use as the BMC site. however, since it is on a free server and has LOTS of downtime, we don’t feel comfortable with risking possible clients that way. so we are thinking of moving to a new server.
the thing is, we would require LOTS of space (to host the images) for a fairly low price. we haven’t found anything great yet. if you know of anything, please let us know.
secondly, we are wondering if once we find a place to host us, if we should switch this domain ( to the new server and use here. would that confuse everyone to no end? or should we just make the business
here is the pricings page. it’s pretty much the only thing that’s done. jerry is working on the cart part whenever he has a chance, but as you can imagine, that’s not often. and i don’t get much done when i try to work on it either. it’s one of those projects that there is SO MUCH to do that i feel overwhelmed so i don’t do anything. SIGH. if there were some sort of deadline, it would be different – as a procrastinator i work best under pressure.

in other news, we must spare a moment of silence for tomorrow it expires. it will probably become some search engine site. i wonder where it will lead people? it’s bittersweet seeing it go…but i copied all the content from it to my seagate (drive that saves computer space) so i will one day be able to transfer all info i want online to whichever site i choose LOL.

thanks for the compliments – i really am not considering a full-fledged photography business, just wanting to take the boys’ pics in a professional way. 😀 eventually, if i have the time or energy, i might make it into more. 😀 how does Blessed Mama Photography sound? LOL!

happy birthday to my lovable bear!!! he’s 33 today!!!!

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