A Trip To Picture People

we used that free coupon to picture people yesterday. quite a day it turned out to be…
we wanted to get a photo of the boys together. yeah, right.
jeremiah was being totally ornery – crying and upset and wouldn’t go near josiah.
then he was being great and josiah got upset crying.
jeremiah LOVED all the props that were there…when they weren’t in front of the camera. as soon as they were placed in front of the camera, and he was asked to stand (or sit) there, he ran away or threw a fit (often both!). sigh.
we ended up getting the 10×13 of josiah and bought an 8×10 of jeremiah. one of them together showed jeremiah with a small smile and josiah was cross eyed. in the other, jeremiah looked really sweet because he was trying to make josiah feel better. josiah was bawling.
you know, i’ve been wanting to do our own pics for a while now, but this was a visit that convinced me i should just buy props and backdrops to go for it! the one of josiah is much like ones i do, and if i had a decent backdrop, i have a really cute idea for jeremiah’s photos. and dear bobbie has given me much inspiration and many ideas!! 😀 thanks bobbie!!! jerry ALSO told me that with our tax check he will be buying me a really good camera – one with filters and everything! so i am anxiously awaiting that day! 😀

anyway here are the pics we picked, followed by the small pics we didn’t pick (it’s as big as i could save them!):


the apple was ours – i brought it because jeremiah LOVES apples lately. i thought it would be cute to get a pic of him taking a bite out…of course he wouldn’t eat it at all, just held it! lol.

he ALSO loved this plane. wow we wish we could buy on! jerry actually said, as he was paying, “just add the plane to our bill.” LOL. jeremiah would have loved it.

speaking of jerry…tomorrow is his birthday!!! his shirt came in today! but of COURSE his card didn’t come yet. PULEEZE. how pitiful is that?! i haven’t had a minute to make him a cake, but i plan to before he gets up from bed tomorrow. 😉
i’m so glad he has the weekend off. we’ll be having birthday dinner on sunday – his favorite – ham and scalloped potatoes.

i already have spent too much time and honestly i’ve been on for just a few minutes. i have so little time for myself anymore…

God bless and pray jerry has a good birthday at work tomorrow! 😀

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