Potty, Anyone?

Potty, Anyone?

yesterday evening, jeremiah pulled off a dry diaper, and i told him to go pee in his potty. he bent over, peed on the floor, and walked over to his potty, lifted the lid, and sat on his potty, but didn’t pee.
(i left out the peed on the floor part when i told the story to jerry. does that make me a horrible wife??? jerry is honestly much stricter than i am, even tho i think i’m pretty strict, and he has kind of been on jeremiah’s case a lot lately, so i don’t want him to get upset with him for behaviors that happen when he’s not with him. does that make sense?)
so of course i praised him for the potty move but told him we do NOT pee on the floor, and next time sit on the potty and pee on the potty, not the floor. sigh.

wanna see a pic from today’s mini photo shoot?


i should have done it when he was smaller, but oh well. he is getting SO BIG!

i actually took it to try to get a sample pic for BMC. i know you guys probably think the site is all made up, totally imaginary. but i am honestly working on it, and so is jerry.
we are discussing buying a new domain for it tho, because this site host has SO MUCH downtime. it’s ok for a personal site (even annoying for a personal site…) but for a business site, it’s unacceptable to be down so much. know of any good Christian hosts for businesses that don’t charge a lot and have great features??

night night and God bless!

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