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Court Date

too tired and preoccupied to post, but remind me tomorrow if i get the chance to tell you about today’s wic appt.
for now, just copying and pasting an email from my mom about my sis’s court date:

Today was court for Jannelle. She denied that they are children in need of services, so there will be a fact finding hearing–at least I think so. The lawyer Kathy–Jannelle’s bio mom–paid started by saying he could not serve because of a conflict of interest and recommended Jannelle have a court appointed attorney. Judge agree she should/could have one, then proceeded with everything–when she should have had a lawyer. !!! The DFR office is going to take her to a couple of places that are available- group homes where she would have the boys with her and learn parenting skills. They said there a lot of resources available to help her, and they are going to get it all going. She is agreeing to whatever they say because she wants the boys back! They did not answer why Kathy cannot be involved in this, except to say that Jannelle is the parent and she needs to learn how to do it all herself. Sounds good, but even those without any disability need help when they have twins!!! and Kathy was her help. And they grew and were healthy under their care. So, her next court date is October 20.
Kathy had asked about seeing the boys the last 15 minutes of Jannelle’s 3xw visits, but they said no, their whole focus is Jannelle and the boys. So, I asked about having grandparents visitation with them, and they said that I could have an hour a week visits, and Kathy could go too, with me supervising, since they do not have funding to supervise her visits. I appreciate your continued prayers in this whole situation. I want to be an advocate for Jannelle and I need wisdom.

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