Hooray for Antibiotics!

thanks, all, for the prayers.
jeremiah seems to be feeling a lot better, but we can tell he still has a long way to go to be back to his normal self. i mean, what can we expect with only 3 doses of med so far?
he still doesn’t want to eat anything (and i am not ready for him to – he ate a bit at breakfast and promptly vomited it!) but thankfully he is wanting to drink things now. he will drink water, juice and pedialyte. 🙂
sooooo tired and i really want to work on the BMC section but i have so much to do before i can go to sleep, and when i go to sleep it will be time for josiah to wake up and have his sleep strike. it’s the same every night folks. 🙁 🙁 🙁
God bless!
PS jerry is going to put in an offer for a slight change in his fedex job. not a shift manager but a slide manager. which, please don’t ask me what it means. lol. he thinks he has a good chance but i would appreciate prayer about it. it would only be a dollar extra an hour or so, but every little bit helps. thanks in advance!

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