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Pray for Jeremiah

we are headed to the dr. jeremiah vomited last night and has been running a fever ever since. we finally got him to drink something at about 945.
i’m sure it’s nothing serious, but the not eating well and sleeping more makes me think this is all connected. so please keep him in your prayers!
also pray for jerry and me – between the two boys, neither of us got more than 3 hours sleep last night, and we’re both feeling sick from the lack. jerry is also calling off work today so we can tag-team it.

ETA: back from dr. both boys are now sleeping, so as soon as we eat we’re hoping to catch some winks too!
jeremiah has strep. UGH. anyone who has had this knows how miserable he must be. and believe me, he is MISERABLE. thankfully his weight is still the same as it was last week (27lbs) so while not a heavy boy, he’s not dehydrated and not LOSING weight. even tho he looks like he’s lost weight to us. he is on amoxil, and let’s hope he’s not allergic like his mama.
josiah was quite messy at the appt – we got his temp checked to make sure he’s not sick too (so far, so good, btw), and he pooped, peed and spit up all over the room. he doesn’t do anything small, that’s for sure.

thanks for your prayers and please keep them coming!

God bless

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