Oh My Goodness!

Oh My Goodness!

very tired. been working on the BMC (blessedmama creations) section without much success and it’s driving me nuts. but i have to get to bed!!
i just wanted to come post something adorable and precious that happened tonight!!!
jeremiah prayed his own prayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after books, sometimes a song, we pray. my prayer usually goes along the lines of thanking the Lord for the day, and i always thank the Lord for jojo, mimi, papa and usually gramma and grampa too. he has folded his hands nicely for a while now. and he sometimes echoes ‘amen’ (tho it doesn’t sound much like amen usually lol).
tonight, after i said, ‘amen’ he echoed, unfolded his hands, and i was going to give him a kiss. then he refolded his hands, and started babbling. it took me a second, honestly. but he was saying his own prayer! i heard ‘baby jojo’ ‘mom’ ‘dada’ in there, and finally, an ‘amen’. oh my goodness there were tears in my eyes. i am so happy…my little boy is so big…

God bless…

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