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i’m updating for rebekah and everyone else out there curious and praying. 🙂

just got back from the appointment, and as far as i can tell it went well! he prescribed clomid for me, along with the hsg shot that is supposed to go along with it.

unfortunately, i was right: since i already had my period for this month, i have to wait for my next period before i can begin using it. but, oh well. at least it’s all falling into place, right?

he congratulated me again on doing a great job with my insulin levels. 🙂

so all i can ask is that all of you continue to pray for us. pray that we’ll conceive this month WITHOUT anything, and that if we don’t do that, we’ll at least conceive next month. as always, pray according to His will. i am being really good about trying not to be impatient. 🙂

love to you all!

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  1. Lynne

    Hello sweetie *Hugs* Glad the doctor gave you a good report!! S
    Hello sweetie *Hugs* Glad the doctor gave you a good report!! Sending up a prayer!!

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