Popping In

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just popping in to request prayer. now jeremiah AND josiah have colds and both jerry and i are feeling it coming on too! UGH.
also the twins are probably going to be taken away from my sister…i might be able to take them, but HOW IN THE WORLD could i do it?? and am i selfish for not wanting to do it?! i think it would be much more than i could handle at this time…please pray about this too, for the boys as well as for my sis, as she loves them so much.
oh btw suzanne was able to come by today to bring me a pump and show me how to sling. THANK YOU SUZANNE!!! and it was great meeting ya!! her daughter magdalena is only a few days younger than jeremiah, and they seemed to get along great. except for when she accidentally bopped him in the mouth once LOL. i am going to sell my nojo sling and get a maya wrap one (this should please you manda! 😉 ) i just loved how josiah felt in it, and he also liked it. i guess it’s fitting that the ‘nojo’ sling is not liked by jojo?! lol. i know, lame. unfortunately, i didn’t get anything pumping. sigh. still waiting to try amanda’s pump and if it works well i will get one or just use hers until she needs it back. 😉
God bless.

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