Due Date!

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today was josiah’s due date! it’s so hard to believe he’s been on the outside for nearly two weeks, and he wasn’t even due until today!! i weighed him this morning on our scale – 8lbs 6oz! and i imagine he would have weighed MORE than that if he hadn’t been born until today. wowsa!
i am so thankful for him. he is so amazing. even if things are stressful and i don’t get enough sleep and he cries to be nursed at the same time i’m trying to do something (like burn dinner), i would not change anything about him. i am so in love with the little man!!!
i have something to show you! the birth announcement is done!!! what do you think? i made it last night and today…
(click to enlarge)


this is the pic that is enlarged on the announcement:
i am pretty proud of it. the bunch of pics that i took are all pretty neat too. josiah reminds me of the twins in that one anne geddes pic (the twins with the rose).

i am so tired – i spent too much time working on the family photo. i had to merge two pics into one because there wasn’t a good one of all of us. sigh. and jeremiah ended up not smiling at all. he was totally grumpy! 🙁 i am still in love with him too tho. he is so much fun and so amazing. 😀

night and blessings!!!

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