At Last

At Last

i finally have josiah’s birth story up!!! i have to have mom and jerry look over it too to make sure it’s accurate. 😉
josiah’s umbilical cord fell off today. i’m wondering if it might be herniated (sp) because the button is kinda puffy. if it’s not one thing it’s the other…
his penis seems to be just fine. 😀 thanks for all the prayers concerning it!!
jeremiah, josiah and i had quite a day by ourselves. jeremiah is REALLY testing me. i’m sorry to say he got in trouble more than once. 🙁
but he was also sweet and fun. he was hilarious talking on the phone with mom and with jerry. oh my it was a hoot. he usually doesn’t want to talk on the phone when a person is actually on the other end. but this time he did! he said, “hello. hi!” then waved at the phone, then started babbling. i understood mama, baby, books, but the rest was total gibberish, tho he uses inflections like he’s actually saying words of import. when he was done, he’d wave at the phone again and say “bye”. it was SOOOOOOOOO cute. once again i wish every minute with him could be video recorded!!!!
josiah is still sleeping most of the day, and when he’s awake he mostly wants to eat. he and i stared at each other quite a bit more today tho, so that was nice. he likes to play with my hair, and likes to look into my eyes. he also seems to like my voice a lot, whether talking or singing. he likes looking at jeremiah too, when he stays still for more than a second! LOL. josiah has a very sweet personality, but when he wants picked up, whether to eat or just be held, he lets you know it. LOL. his little tiny noise has been replaced by a belting scream. hehehehe!
overall it wasn’t a horrible day. i really miss jerry. i know next week will be much harder, because jerry will be back to working both jobs, not just one. not just hard on me, but hard on mi-mi. he really really loves his papa and misses him when he doesn’t see him much.
i added more pics to the gallery, but they are from august 13. they are the ones my sister in law sent to me, from when she came to the hospital (bearing arby’s and DING DONGS, the only things i was craving the the day i went into the hospital!).
the burp cloths and breast pads mystery is solved! it was janet, a pal from the baby board (remember, they threw me an online baby shower). she had forgotten she got them for me. lol. she’s pregnant, so she has an excuse. 😉
well that’s it for now! have a great day and God bless!

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