Josiah’s Birth Story

Josiah’s Birth Story

thursday, august 11, 2005.
when jerry came home from work, jeremiah was having a meltdown in his room. i went in to check on him, soothe him and get him back to sleep. when i came back to bed, i felt a bit *ahem* horny, so jerry and i ended up having sex. it ended at 445 on the nose, and as SOON as it ended, i started having contractions. they continued the rest of the morning until i got up (after jeremiah woke me up) at around nine. they were consistently in between 2 and 5 minutes apart.
i got jeremiah breakfast and called mom to tell her. she told me to call the dr and tell them, so i did. i also asked them if i should eat (because of the gestational diabetes) and the nurse said i could have something light if i was really hungry. nurse told me she was sending my info to the hospital and to go whenever i felt like it. well, i had to wait for mom to get to the house to watch jeremiah so i could shower. jerry was still sleeping, and i had only briefly mentioned it to him.
i showered and told him more, he got up and around and decided to stay, get things together, take his shower, stop at the store, then he would meet us over at the hospital. (i could tell he believed me that i thought it was time, but he was in no rush, since i’d had so many false alarms before! and believe it or not, i did not take offense to this. lol.)
mom, jeremiah and i arrived at the hospital at 11am. i was taken to a small triage room and told jeremiah wasn’t allowed in there. i was actually told he wasn’t allowed to be in a room with me until josiah was actually born and everything was ok. this was news to me! i didn’t want him in there during delivery, but i wanted to be able to see him in the meantime, so i was sad about that.
nurse was danielle. i came to discover we went to the same high school! anyway, at my first check sometime after 11, i was 4cm dilated/80% effaced.
1:50 – at my next check, i was still only about 4-5cm and 80% effaced.
3:00 – nurse said dr perkins, dr on call, wanted me to walk the halls for an hour or so, to see if i progressed on my own. i was able to push jeremiah in the stroller, or walk with him using his harness. we had quite a fun time. 😉 he was a very strict walker – he wouldn’t let me stop and take breaks like mom or jerry would. 😉
4:00 – dr perkins, one of my doctor’s partners, came in and checked me. still no change. UGH. (side note: tho i had the same dr for my pregnancy and delivery with jeremiah, i always got out of dr rotation somehow, so i had never met dr perkins. he was very nice, tho nothing like dr dunlop. somehow it didn’t even upset me thinking that the dr who would be delivering my baby was a stranger. lol. the first time around i think i would have been freaking out!) dr perkins said i could go home if i wanted, but i was not having that again. i did not want to leave that hospital without a baby! they warned me it might be a while before i got into another room, as they were TOTALLY full. there were women coming in left and right, dilated at 9 or 10, so i was not on the top priority list!! (side note: i think the end count was 16 babies born in the time that we were there!)
8:40 – they started a sugar water iv on me. it took them SIX pokes to find a good vein, and three different people had their tries. my anesthesiologist ended up getting the winning poke.
i had been asking for some sort of tummy relief, like mylanta or tums, and still hadn’t received anything. i was feeling really sick.
9:00 – after calling FOREVER for someone to come unhook me or help me go pee, i finally gave up and went in on my own. i was feeling really queasy and horribly nauseas so i had to lean over the sink to vomit before i could sit down to pee. oops – i peed ALL OVER MYSELF. no, my water didn’t break, it was pee. ugh i felt disgusting. new nurse, martha.
9:10 – i was given nubane, the antibiotic for positive strep b and some pepcid in my iv.
9:35 – i was able to brush my teeth after being told i couldn’t eat anything – not even gum or a mint and my mouth tasted horrible.
10:00 – i was finally asked the medical history questions, and i threw in the few things that i thought were necessary for the delivery (no episiotomy, direct skin-to-skin, jerry cuts cord, josiah doesn’t leave our side without our ok, etc). we found out we would be moving to a real L&D room once it was cleaned.
10:30 – moved to new room!
10:40 – dr perkins broke my water. jerry commented “jojo’s circus will have a whole new meaning soon!” (which, btw i still don’t get, even now that i’m not on nubane LOL.)
10:45 – started on pitocin.
11:00 – hourly sugar check (which was only my 2nd or 3rd check, so yeah right on the hourly!) was normal.
11:26 – new nurse, hannah.
11:30 – dilated 6, effaced 90%, station 0.
friday, august 12, 2005
12:08 – excruciating pain during contractions. asking the Lord to end it all. LOL. trying with all my might to ‘ breathe‘ but it was very hard!!! given the epidural. during which, i was asked if there was pressure or pain. i replied both. she didn’t hear me so i repeated it THREE TIMES, the last time, i got more than a bit snippy. she said she was TRYING to help me, so i DIDN’T NEED to be RUDE to her. (i was bent over, having severe contractions, thinking, this woman is in the wrong line if she doesn’t want to be yelled at by women in labor. but i held my tongue.) also during which i was told i have scoliosis! she actually said, “you know you have scoliosis, right?” um, no i didn’t know that.
12:50 – we make our last minute guesses –
gramma: 7lbs 15oz/20.5in, 7:15am, blonde/blue-gray
papa: 8lbs 13oz/20 in, 3:45am, brown/brown
mama: 8lbs/20 in, 3:38am, blonde/blue-gray
12:55 – gramma decides to nap.
1:00 – papa reads, mama tries to rest. (note that until now, the epidural had been totally working – i wasn’t feeling any contractions – i just knew i was having them when i got shivers. i was feeling nothing.) interrupted by major pressure down below. it doesn’t hurt, but it feels like a head is trying to push out of my vagina. i comment on it, and the nurse checked me @
1:10 – 100% effaced, totally dilated! she calls to tell dr perkins, who is in an emergency c-section, but will be over as soon as he’s done. the nurses are getting everything ready, including the mirror above so i can see. they tell me to keep my legs closed at first, so i know he is really trying to come out! once the mirror is ready and my legs are in the stirrups, i can see his little head pushing, pushing out! it was so funny!
1:30 – dr perkins gets into the room. he does a little stretching, and something else, then tells me to push. i do one hard push, then they say “one more!” and i’m thinking yeah right, but i push and laugh, as i see him coming out, so i’m giggling like crazy as i see him exit…
1:40am – our beautiful, dark haired son, josiah benjamin, is born!! he came out and almost instantly began screaming his little head off. great lungs. they placed him in my arms (tho it wasn’t exactly skin to skin, as no one had had time to move my gown) and we looked at each other. he didn’t like his eyes open much tho, and he just kept on screaming. lol. he weighed 7lbs, 7oz and was only 19.5in long. his little head, 13.5in, is nearly perfectly round. chest was 15.5. apgars 8 & 9.
1:50 – he nursed on the left side with a great latch and great suck. took to nursing right away and nursed for ten minutes! at 2:00, nursed the right side; he was a little hesitant because of the size difference of my nipples (my right nipple is quite a bit larger than the left), but soon latched on and loved it! he now prefers the right side, btw. 😉

and that is the story of prince josiah benjamin, sweet, precious second son, our blessing and miracle. born 12 days before his due date and not a minute too soon! thank You, Lord, for this precious gift that only You can give!!!!

dear josiah,
i always knew the joy i’d find in loving you. i know that we will always have a very special bond that no one can ever touch. you are my precious little jo-jo bean and i love you SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! welcome to the world, little man, and welcome into our hearts and lives. we’ve been waiting for you. 😀
i love you.

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