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Bean Poll Results!

using similar scoring to the expectnet game (which jenn b won and i’m still thinking of what i can give her!), it was a close ending! but hippiechyck came up the winner. the goal was to have the lowest score.
she scored 325pts, sonya scored 375pts and autumn scored 405pts (if autumn had guessed a length, she would have won, but she didn’t so i had to add 100pts to her score!).
i only added up the people who guessed the 12th, since adding 400pts to anyone’s score would automatically make them lose!
if you want to tally up your points to see how well (or badly) you did, here’s the scoring board:
wrong bdate: +400pts
time: +5pts/per hour
weight: +5pts/per oz
length: +10pts/per in and +100pts for no length
natural: +100pts
blonde or other hair: +50pts
brown or other eyes: +50pts
my dr: +100pts
any meal other than hospital food: +10pts

now, what should hippiechyck get as a prize??? keep in mind, we are not wealthy people over here. LOL.

to answer lynn, and anyone else who wondered, the ‘guests’ are people who only have access to the front page. the entrance page, if you will. i was complaining about how some people have been by and not even commented ONE TIME a congratulations. i’m not referring to friends who come by and check for new updates and don’t comment, or those who pop in and leave because there are other things they’re doing – i’m talking about NOT ONCE congratulating our family. 🙂 so lynn, no need to worry deary. as for the gallery, it is actually viewable to anyone who knows the url, much to my chagrin. i think i’m going to have to figure out another photo gallery source again, because i really do not want my boys’ pics out there for all to see (this is one of the main reasons i started this site!!) and right now anyone can have access. 🙁

josiah’s first fotos just came in the mail, reminding me that i hadn’t checked the first fotos website in a few days. well, his pics are up there now. the boy wouldn’t open his eyes for any of them. i didn’t really care for any of the pics, but unlike last time with jeremiah, we still bought a small package. i still regret not getting any for jeremiah. 🙁

ok that’s all for now folks.

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