A LATE update!!

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Well FINALLY she called. She sounded very exhousted and tired, and I am afraid she still has a long night ahead of her. I hope not!!!!! I had been anxiously waiting ALL day just like all of you. I didn’t want to call her because I knew she would call me when she felt up to it. So she just called and she has only been in her room about 45 minutes. Ughhhhh!!! She is on pitocin, sugar water, and her antibiotic for the strep B. She has had her epidural. She is now at 6, 90% and at 0 station. She said the hospital is unbelievably busy. I read her all of your comments over the phone, and told her the guesses for the 12th. We agreed that hippiechyck’s is the one that we are hoping for time wise. She said 3 a.m. That would be soon!!!! Jenn will be calling me as soon as he is here. I will keep you posted as soon as I know something.

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