Hey everyone, it’s the day we have all been waiting for. Jenn said she has been having strong consistent contractions since early, early this morning. So when she got up at nine she called the hopital and they told her to come in. When they checked her she was dialated to 4cm and 80% so they she is staying to have the baby. YAY!!!!!!!!! I know she is so thrilled. Unfortunately it is not her doctor there today, but she said she really doesn’t care (she is ready!). She did find out some disappointing news: Jeremiah is not aloud in her labor and delivery room AT ALL!!!! He can come in the room once she is moved to her postpartum room. She was upset and wanted to hug Jeremiah. She said when she went in her room that he was crying and she thinks he is getting a cold because he doesn’t act like he is feeling very well. Poor Jeremiah!!!!!!! Well as I was talking to her the nurse came in and said that the doctor said she was progressing well on her own so he wanted her to go for an hour walk on that floor and then come back and they would check her. She was excited!!!!!! She said, ” Well, I am going to go walk with Jeremiah!” Her mom and Jeremiah are there with her now (however not in the room). Her mom is playing puzzles and stuff with Jeremiah. Jerry is at home getting stuff together. Her dad will be coming to pick up Jeremiah later. I am so EXCITED!!!! I will let you know everytime I hear something. Bye for now!!!!

4 thoughts on “IT’S THE REAL THING!!!!!!!!!!

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