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yay! more quizzes!

i found some more quizzes! at autumn’s and amanda’s blogs 🙂 woohoo – i’ve missed them. lol

Love-a-Lot Bear
You love to take care of others and people love being around you because you make them feel appreciated. You are very sweet and soft-spoken. You are also a romantic and consider yourself an excellent matchmaker, so you tend to be a bit nosy. But everyone still considers you the sweetest person they know.

now for friday five…

1. What is your favorite scary movie? hmmm i love scary movies…i guess sixth sense and the others, though they weren’t overly scary

2. What is your favorite Halloween treat? don’t celebrate hallowee, but my favorite candies are chocolate and sour candies (now my mouth is watering!)

3. Do you dress up for Halloween? If so, describe your best Halloween costume. i don’t celebrate halloween. haven’t since i was about six years old. my family doesn’t believe we should be a part of it. but when i did dress up, i liked my little bo peep outfit…since i’ve always loved lambs 🙂

4. Do you enjoy going to haunted houses or other spooky events? nope.

5. Will you dress up for Halloween this year?nope.


and saturday eight (dare i, after last week?)…

Saturday-8: “The Holidays Are Near”

  1. What is your favorite Holiday? Why? probably Easter is my favorite, then Christmas, then Thanksgiving. because Easter is such a joyful time – Jesus has risen! He is ALIVE forever! it’s just comforting to me…i don’t do the easter bunny and other stuff like that. Christmas i love because it’s the time we celebrate His birth…my mom always makes a birthday cake for Jesus. Thanksgiving is great because family gets together – i believe we should be thankful to the Lord YEAR ROUND. 🙂

  2. What is your least favorite Holiday? Why? halloween. because it’s not even a holiday – holiday means HOLY DAY and there’s nothing holy about halloween. i don’t like what it stood for when it began and i don’t think there’s any reason or point to celebrate it. it really ruins autumn for me, and that makes me sad because autumn is my favorite time of year. 🙁

  3. Share with us one Thanksgiving and why it was so special. every thanksgiving is special to me. but they were always nicer when LOTS of family members got together. now it seems so lonely just being at my mom’s….i really miss my grandma more around holidays. 🙁

  4. Share with us a joyful Christmas and why it was so special. see above. Christmas can’t not be special. it will be even more fun when we have kids!!

  5. Share with us a crazy New Year’s and why it was so special. never really cared about new year’s. i always go to sleep before the ball drops LOL…but my mom’s cheeseball was a great memory LOL YUM

  6. Share with us a sexy Valentine’s Day and why it was so special. we don’t usually make a big deal out of v-day because we want to be romantic all the time 🙂

  7. If you are not into the Holidays… share a recent family get-together and why it was so special. when we celebrated jerry’s birthday at mom’s it was very nice and loving. it made me very happy and thankful that my family is now his family too. warm fuzzies! 🙂

  8. And last, but not least…. write a list of 3-things that you want for Christmas 🙂 sigh. well what i want or what i think is reasonable to want? lol. i would like a new tv, a new stereo and a digital camera. but anything i get will be fine – it’s not my birthday, it’s Jesus’!!!!


well, wasn’t that fun. sorry i am no fun with those things LOL. i have to be honest though, right?

ok, can someone please tell me how to add the script to my site so no one can steal the graphics. someone said you had to put it in your meta tags. i tried it and nothing. help?

the book i was telling you about is so hard sigh. it seems that i forget what i’ve just read. hubby and i rearranged stuff in two of our rooms last night, and now there’s a small mess. i should clean it up….i will do so after i visit friends…

i thought i would put the autumn poem as well as the weekly pic up!

in case you’re wondering what’s up with all the baby pics of me, i am re-making a collage i made for my mom. i did it in college and used tape on the photo backs! yes, tape! how could i do this you ask? i have no idea. this is why i’m re-making it for mom CORRECTLY. and i’m going to use a real fram that costs money (unlike the piece of junk i originally used). this is part of her Christmas gift. 🙂 so, again, this is one of the reasons i have baby pics of myself. the other is, i live in my grandma’s house. i was her first grandchild. do the math hehe.

i thought i would feature my adorable bubby josh, since my adorable bro jay was featured last week. 🙂 (i always called josh bubby and jay bro…lol) i couldn’t decide between these two, so i’m posting them both LOL. he was so precious. and i’m also posting a most recent pic of the handsome man now. 🙂

Josh n Jenn March, 1982

well i’m sad that i can’t find my brother’s most recent handsome pic. 🙁 see, he lost about 75 lbs! so i only have two sets of pics that are of his new self. i’ll keep looking and try to get it up sometime later.

A Stroll Down the Road
– Ruth H Underhill

There’s nothing as priceless along life’s way
As a stroll down the road on an autumn day.
The leaves form a carpet under your feet,
Such glorious colors your eyes will meet.

The squirrels are scampering to and fro
Preparing their homes for the long winter snow.
With acorns and nuts lying around,
They hurry and scurry along the ground.

The brook is babbling near your side
Murmuring, gurgling unable to hide,
From the winter days that lie ahead.
It will have to settle for an icy bed.

The picnic table alone and bare.
You can feel a nip of frost in the air.
The winding path now leads you away
From your stroll down the road on an autumn day.

don’t you love autumn strolls? 🙂

well i need to go out and do my hoppin’! God bless!

have a super saturday all! 🙂

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  1. Hi Jenn!! My new daughter to be is called Jenn 🙂 Have you ever
    Hi Jenn!! My new daughter to be is called Jenn 🙂 Have you ever seen the story about ‘Thakful For Thorns"? That is part of our Thanksgiving!!

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