Too Tired for a Title

Too Tired for a Title

guess who konked out as soon as his cute little head hit his matress? you got it! how nice for me, who needs to post, check out a few reads, clean up the kitchen and get to bed. btw isn’t it amazing how a kitchen is never clean? as soon as you clean it, it’s a mess again. just like laundry. it’s never ending. sigh.
why is jeremiah so tired, you ask? well, while i was at my appt (details, what few there are, to follow) my mom watched jeremiah, and she decided to take him shopping. he was a very good boy and had fun (who wouldn’t have fun when gramma is buying you toys?!) but it wore him out to begin with. then after we ate dinner, we played with his new sand toys in his sand box and that REALLY wore him out. add to that the small fit he had to throw upon coming inside (i think he thinks it’s a requirement to throw a coming inside fit, or i will think he doesn’t like being outside anymore ;)) and you have one very sleepy boy.
as for the NST and appt, things went fine. i was kind of annoyed at the nurse who hooked me up to the nst machine, because she loaded the paper wrong, so the first 10 minutes i was on it were wasted. sigh. i was VERY uncomfortable during this NST too. they had me lie on my side, and i actually started feeling lightheaded and nauseous for some reason. josiah was doing great tho. who knows what it was. they said he looked perfect and sent me to the dr. i was seen in about 20 minutes after my NST, so i was thankful about that! no cervical check was done, but i asked when he will do them. he said if i have even more pressure (um, MORE?!!) and more cramps and contractions, he will do it next week. otherwise the week after. i guess it’s fine with me, since they are painful to me, even tho i would like to know where i stand cm-wise. i can wait tho. 😉 he reminded me that at this point, if josiah decides to come on his own, they will let it happen. (i was talking to cheryl today and she mentioned 36 weeks was when eli was born…that’s just so hard to believe!!) they ‘registered’ me to a room for the 16th at 630am. he said you have to reserve your room like a hotel or else you might not get one. lol. okaaay. then set next week’s appt up and came home. nothing big!
weight: 187.5.
ok i don’t know who all has been getting errors logging in, but errors have been showing up like crazy in the admin section, ever since we set up the gallery. so you can still view it off here, but it’s not working when it’s integrated yet. jerry has tomorrow off, but i think it’s going to be a busy day, so i don’t know when he’ll get around to it. so just use for now. and DO NOT share that link. it doesn’t have a password gate up yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i have some preggo pics i need to get up and also some pics of kc and jeremiah. they probably won’t be done today tho.
i think that’s it for now.
btw i have been wanting to write a post about my sister and the boys, but i am at a loss what to say since things are so crazy over there. just know they are gaining weight, but still need MAJOR prayer. can i leave it at that for now?
God bless and thanks for all your prayers!!!!

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