35 Week Appointment and Bonus Ultrasound

i had my appointment and ultrasound today. he is definitely still a boy! this makes me feel warm and cozy inside. lol. josiah is measuring EXACTLY at 35weeks 2days. talk about a literal child. he’s 5lbs 14oz (EDITED). he is in perfect position. it was hard for her to get any good face pics because his head was down so low. lol. the only thing she said was my amniotic fluid was a TINY bit low and i needed to drink more water, especially in this heat. it was so neat to see him again, even tho he was so big he wasn’t very easy to see! he is a cuuuuute boy. 😀
i got the strep b test taken at the appt, and my mom asked about the 10th, as we’d planned. he still didn’t have a real answer for us! he pretty much made it sound like the 16th was the day he’d chosen, so that was the day. she even asked about the fact that he said TWO WEEKS early originally, and the tenth was exactly two weeks early, but he didn’t back down. sigh. i left pretty annoyed at the whole office…they scheduled next week’s NST for 150 thursday, and the appointment for 415 thursday. does that make ANY SENSE to the mothers out there? what kind of logic goes into something like that? the schedule girl said that ideally, they will try to squeeze me in to see the dr after the NST. i said, promise? and she said she can’t guarantee anything. GRRRRR.
but honestly, unless he decides to come on his own early, the 16th is the best time for jerry, so we’ll stick with it. it’s just inconvenient for my dad and my sister in law, because of school. my sil is a teacher and my dad is a school busdriver, as i mentioned. he already got a sub tho. 😉
jeremiah was HORRIBLE in the office. let’s just leave it at that. he was NOT himself at all. 🙁 but he got compliments on his cuteness. the ultrasound girl said he looked way older than 18mo, and asked how tall he was. i have no clue since next week is his 18mo checkup. i told her his new haircut has made him look older. 😉

God bless and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

ETA: the notification thing is NOT working. so until we find one that does work, you’ll have to check in on me. 😉 lol.

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