dr visit

dr visit

i just got back from the dr, and wanted to write while everything is fairly fresh in my mind.
first of all, my insulin levels are too high. i have diabetes in family history, so i am at risk for diabetes. 🙁

i am going to start on glucophage tonight, and i am to change my diet a bit – less carbs, more protein. this will help my insulin levels. i will lose weight. yay! but not as many rolls, noodles, pizza, pasta, biscuits, sandwiches, breadsticks, potatoes, etc etc. wahhh!!!
the bad news is i’ll have to watch what i eat. the good news is, i have already been riding the exercise bike, and this motivates me to exercise even more – maybe buy a few free-weights, and do sit ups. i want to be in excellent shape when the baby is born!
i am to go two months with the glucophage, then we’ll see if it gets my cycle normal. when my cycle is normal, i ovulate, when i ovulate, i will become pregnant! so pray the whole thing works!!
i got the first two weeks of glucophage free (don’t you love free samples?!) and a coupon for a free monthly supply (yay!).
this is the best news, in my mind: since diabetes and other problems come from high insulin levels, the insurance will cover the glucophage, and other treatments! yay!!! God is good!!
ok, i think that’s it for now.
i need to go to the bank and visit zhou now, so hope to hear from you soon! 😉
God bless,

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