i was visiting this site because she’d joined a clique of mine, and i found some fun stuff to do. 🙂

insanely specific survey:

01. Name? Jennifer
02. D.O.B.? Dec. 18
03. Location? Indiana
04. Religion? (not a religion, a faith) Christianity
05. Occupation? currently unemployed

01. Hair? dark blonde
02. Eyes? blue/grey/green
03. Height? 5’1 1/2″
04. Weight? well, i was 185 or so, now i’m down to 170! hoping to eventually be 115.
05. Figure? pudgy hourglass 🙂 but getting better lol

01. Clothing? comfy, whatever i feel i look good in
02. Music? Christian – praise, contemporary, fun
03. Makeup? none unless it’s a special occasion
04. Body art? nope (not even ear rings)

01. Club or house party? house party
02. Tea or coffee? iced tea with lemon
03. High achiever or easy-going? lost somewhere in-between
04. Beer or cider? I don’t drink.
05. Drinks or shots? hello? I don’t drink?
06. Cats or dogs? dogs – especially mine 🙂 even if he is sooo ornery!
07. Single or taken? permanantly taken
09. Gloves or mittens? gloves. mittens were fine as a child, but i need my fingers to work! lol
10. Food or candy? food, because i’m not supposed to have lots of candy on my new diet
11. Cassette or cd? CD
12. Snuff or cigarettes? I don’t smoke anything.
13. Coke or Pepsi? Diet barq’s rootbeer
14. Hard or mild alcohol? I thought I told you I don’t drink.
15. Matches or a lighter? like i said, i don’t smoke. but i have a fear of matches.
16. Sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful? neither – days of our lives
17. Ricky Lake or Oprah Winfrey? oprah

01. Food? pizza and mexican
02. Drink? bottled water and diet barq’s root beer
03. Color? blue
04. Album? my burned praise cd
05. Shoes? my tennies/my nice skechers
06. Site? MINE!
07. Dance? slow dancing, because I can actually do that
08. Song? too many…”i will listen” by twila paris is significant at the moment
09. Vegetables? broccoli w/ cheese
10. Fruit? lemon
11. Berry? strawberry

01. Eat? kitchen table, or at the couch
02. Dance? with hubby in living room or bedroom.
03. Cry? wherever i am when i need to
04. Wish you were? having a baby

01. Sleep with stuffed animals? not right now, but i have to have a pillow to hold
02. Live in the moment? probably not
03. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope – i have a hubby hehe
04. Have a dream that keeps coming back? no, but sometimes I’ll dream of things or places that were in a past dream
05. Play an instrument? my voice
06. Believe there is life on other planets? no – i don’t think God would do that
07. Read the newspaper? only the classifieds – looking for a job every day
08. Have any gay or lesbian friends? one from high school
09. Believe in miracles? of course! i’m married aren’t i?! God can do anything
10. Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever? definitely
11. Consider yourself tolerant of others? loving and forgiving – YES, tolerant – NO
12. Consider love a mistake? no
13. Like the taste of alcohol? never tried it
14. Have a favorite candy? chocolate, sour
15. Believe in astrology? no way – very lame
16. Believe in magic? i believe it exists, but it’s evil
17. Believe in God? yes. very much.
18. Pray? all the time
19. Go to church? yep
20. Have any secrets? not really
21. Have any pets: KC, a dachshund
22. Talk to strangers who instant message you? when i feel like it, and if they aren’t offering porn pics – which is what usually happens *GAG*
23. Wear hats? i used to all the time. i lost my favorite one somewhere, so haven’t much since then 🙁
24. Have any piercings? no way. never had the desire
25. Have any tattoos? see above
26. Hate yourself? nope
27. Have an obsession? yes – being a mama
28. Have a secret crush? of course not! i’m married to a wonderful perfect man!
29. Do they know yet? see above
30. Collect anything? stuffed/figurine lambs, stuffed/figurine precious moments, baby snoopy stuff
31. Have a best friend: yes! the BEST best friend! =)
32. Like your handwriting? my handwriting changes all the time depending on my mood
33. Have any bad habits? doesn’t everyone? grind teeth, correct people’s spelling and grammar, bad temper, impatient concerning pregnancy
34. Care about looks? not too much
35. Boy/girlfriend’s looks? well considering jerry’s handsome, i guess you could say that – but i fell in love with all of him
36. Friends and other people? nope
37. Believe in witches? i believe they are real, and whether they know it or not, they are using demonic powers
38. Believe in Satan? I believe he exists, yes
39. Believe in ghosts? no

—What fast food condiment are you?—

brought to you by Quizilla
Yay! you have no idea how much i love ketchup. 🙂

well i guess that’s it for now. i have lots of stuff to do for tomorrow. 🙂 a special day for two of my favorite people.

God bless!

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  1. Stopping by to say Hi Jenn, neat survey. Your brother is very
    Stopping by to say Hi Jenn, neat survey. Your brother is very handsome and a beautiful wife! I’ll stop by Jen’s and wish her a great day!! Happy Anniversary!!.. God Bless..

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