Prayer for My Sister

please pray for my sis jannelle. as you know, she is pregnant with twin boys. she is due july 20. found out today that she is in labor. her water broke and she was already at 4 when mom heard from her. they are assuming the babies will be moved to a good nicu (the hospital she’s delivering at does not have one). they are more than a month early, but this is sometimes ok with twins. please pray for the babies and for her. my mom was told “she could come if she wanted” but the room is already full of people who make our family uncomfortable (one girl, who is jannelle’s biological birth cousin, beat up my sister when she found out she was preggo) so mom will not be going unless those people are not there. jannelle is letting whoever wants to come be present however. i of course will not be going and taking jeremiah around those people. all we can do is pray.

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  1. Will be praying, please keep us posted.

    Will be praying, please keep us posted.

    How on earth can someone beat up a pregnant person, just because she is pregnant? I don’t get that…


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