i am feeling like a horrible friend because i haven’t felt up to posting much. on here, or on my friends’ blogs. i apologize for this. the tooth (and the gum around it) are feeling much better. still not all the way healed, as i’d hoped, but not torturous as before. i keep getting these horrible headaches tho, and also i am soooooo tired. it’s not just from the tylenol 3 tho because i’m not even taking it during the day anymore. sigh.

and now i’m worried about jeremiah again. could you experienced mamas make me feel better and tell me things are fine?? he has been eating less and sleeping more lately. is this a growing phase or something?? his normal sleep times are 1-2 hour nap in the morning, about 45 minutes to an hour nap in the evening, then bedtime at around 9, getting up at about 745 or 8am. today he slept from 1045 until 110, and then i put him down at almost 6 and he is still sleeping. !!!!! he barely ate anything for breakfast or lunch. he doesn’t have a runny nose, but he DOES have a bad bottom rash. i know partly from the oj jerry gave him this morning, but he had it last night too. i just don’t know what to think. i know, you all think i borrow trouble and worry about nothing, but there are so many things that can go wrong with kids!!!! SIGH.

and to make matters worse, i’m feeling VERY hormonal. my throat hurts and i have heartburn. YET all i am craving is mexican food, which i am unable to get because jeremiah has been sleeping and mexican places do not deliver. i wish there was a gum that you could chew that tasted like whatever you wished. of course i’m not supposed to have gum right now because of the temporary crown. so i guess i’m in a no-win whiny situation, huh?

to make matters even worse, we are in between churches and i HATE doing the church search. we really need to find a place, but to find a place is so hard. there are so many places we find that we like certain things about, but we feel we can’t ‘settle’. once you’ve been somewhere with the truth, settling is a very difficult thing to do. please pray for us as we continue to embark on this search. there are many factors to consider. we must weigh our options and do what we feel the Lord is leading us to do. we don’t want to jump into full-time attendance somewhere unless we are fairly sure there is nothing ‘better’ around the next corner. SIGH.

enough of my downness. i think i may call jerry at work and ask him if he can pick me up mexican on his way home. do mexican places even stay open past 10???

if you made it this far without rolling your eyes at me, i am amazed. you are a true friend. if you made it this far and rolled your eyes a little, i don’t blame you a bit, you are still a true friend. 😉

God bless. have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow, my friends.

UPDATE: just wanted to update before i go to bed. i stayed up in case jeremiah woke up, because i wanted to make sure he got something to eat. plus i was waiting for my wonderful life-saver of a friend leesa to bring me mexican! 😀 i decided at about 1010 to go in and get him up. when i opened the door i heard him sit up. i turned on the light, and he blinked up at me, promptly grabbed his two baby bears, and stood up to be picked up. i checked his diaper and it was bone dry. (i wanted to make sure his rash didn’t get worse.) i asked him if he wanted to eat, and his face lit up with a huge smile. so we went downstairs and i gave him milk with ovaltine while i made some scrambled eggs with ham and cheese. i also gave him some toast. he scarfed the eggs down, but ended up not eating all of them. at least he ate some. he drank most of the milk, and ate only one bite of toast, and he was asking for his baby bears again. so we went back upstairs, changed his diaper (which was wet by this time) gingerly wiping and putting on a lot more diaper med, then rocked him with his milk and read him his big brother book. brushed teeth (why is he fighting this so much lately? he used to love brushing teeth!) and then got his babies and went into bed. he whined for half a second. i heard movement for one minute, tops, and he was out cold. i wonder what is making him so totally tired? he was in a wonderful mood in those 30 minutes he was up tho, so i really don’t think he’s sick. as for the eating, he is still eating regularly, and having two snacks a day. it’s just he’s more picky now and throws things down if he doesn’t want them, OR if we try to feed him he gets really upset. he hasn’t lost his big belly and he’s still chubby, so i’m not really worried about the eating a bit less. i just wonder if it correlates at all to him sleeping more. ?? he has also been drinking fine too – he drinks a lot. perhaps he drinks too much and that’s affecting his appetite? i don’t know. and i’m too tired to debate with myself! lol.

anyway, night all!!! any advice would be helpful!!!

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  1. Hey, I got back in! Thanks! Chaulk up your feelings to being h
    Hey, I got back in! Thanks! Chaulk up your feelings to being hormonal and preggers. Don’t let it all get you down too much. Don’t worry about Jeremiah. I’m sure he’ll be back to his normal self tomorrow. I’ll pray that you guys find a new church soon enough! God Bless you all! Becki

  2. Awwww I’m sure he’s fine. Sounds like a growth spurt to me! We w
    Awwww I’m sure he’s fine. Sounds like a growth spurt to me! We went through this with Ian a month or so ago. Now he’s in a 3T!

    I’m glad your tooth is feeling better. I remember I was miserable when I got my wisdom teeth cut out last year. I need to go in for a check up soon.

    Also, we are church searching, too. The church we have been going to for several years just doesn’t feel like home anymore since Chris’ parents moved to MN. We are looking for somewhere with more young couples like us…preferably with kids. We dont have many Christian couples for friends and would like to change that. So good luck with that. I’m sure you will find somewhere that you can call ‘home’.

    I wouldn’t roll my eyes at you. I hope you get your Mexican food!

  3. Been one of those days huh? I’m sorry. Mexican sure sounds good
    Been one of those days huh? I’m sorry. Mexican sure sounds good though!!! Hope you get some.

    I don’t know what to tell you about Jeremiah. Mine alwats slept more when they were growing, but I don’t know about the food. Mine are so back and forth about eating. They’ll go through stages where you think they’re going to eat you out of house and home. Then they’ll go a while without eating much at all. Always seems to balance itself out in the end.

    Well, think I’m going to go read or something… Oh, and I changed the look of my blog again….


  4. Alexander has not been eating lately either. What really worrie
    Alexander has not been eating lately either. What really worries me as well is that all he will drink is milk. He won’t drink water or juice. I am always so afraid he will get dehydrated. My pediatrician told me that if he gets thirsty and hungry enough, he will eat and drink, not to worry. A friends ped told her that if you toddler eats two good meals a day, not to worry. This is normal. But I still worry myself.

  5. I think Jeremiah is going through a growth spurt. I used to get
    I think Jeremiah is going through a growth spurt. I used to get upset when Benjamin wouldn’t eat his dinner or lunch, but I know he will eat when he is hungry and our boys are old enough to tell us when they are hungry, so don’t worry. He will let you know when he’s ready to eat 🙂

    As far as the church thing goes… don’t settle! Search until you find a place that you really like and you feel comfortable. I know that you will. We love our church now and everyone is really loving and caring… and I don’t think its just because I am on staff. I think sometimes they love my kid more than I do! 😉

  6. What a pal…the gal who went and got ya some Mexican food. Well
    What a pal…the gal who went and got ya some Mexican food. Well I live in the middle of the Mexican food capital of the world…LOL!! I am only 3o minutes from Mexico too. Maybe I shall FED EX YOU SOME!! LOL!! Some tamales, tostadas, and burritos should fix you right up.
    As far as Jeremiah this sounds like a typical growth spurt and it sounds like he ate a good amount of protein with the eggs, ham, cheese and milk. I know you have heard it before but they will eat when they are hungry. I worry about my kiddo too when it comes to eating because she is such a petite little thing. As long as you offer high protein foods for snacks I am sure he will be fine. I hope his bum starts feeling better soon. Poor little peanut.
    As far as eyes rolling whom ever is reading this…PEESHAW to anyone who thinks that!
    A friend is a friend no matter what! This is what your blog is about 🙂
    I am so glad you got your Mexican food….now I want some…but I cannot have it anymore because of my tum tum. That is until the doctors figure out what meds really work with my tummy.
    Now go get in bed and watch a good movie and relax. Your life will be really changed from one baby to two in a couple months so rest….rest…rest!
    Love ya!

  7. Jenn,

    Aaron and Alexander go through phases when they eat bad

    Aaron and Alexander go through phases when they eat badly and sleep more as well. Could be a growth spurt / change in weather etc.

    Hope your headaches get better. The third trimester is tough and with kids around we can’t really baby ourselves like we did with our first pregnancies… I will pray for you guys in your search for a church. Take care

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