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  1. Yeah! I have followed you. Although, you know you don’t have a
    Yeah! I have followed you. Although, you know you don’t have any sidebar information right now… right?

  2. Following along… but no rss feeds to blogline.
    Following along… but no rss feeds to blogline. 🙁 *sniff* he he 😉

  3. I think I got automatically redirected.
    I think I got automatically redirected. 🙂 Will update the link, though!

  4. tennchick1

    I had read a column were you thought your son ahd rotavirus.
    I had read a column were you thought your son ahd rotavirus. By the way my name is melissa and I have 3 children. the youngest being kallista who just turned 2. This past week she all of sudden started vomiting and diarrhea continually. all she wanted to do was lay on the couch and sleep. I have had her to the dr like 3times and I work in a hospital so she had to have an iv friday for dehydration, she had been totally lifeless which as had me tore up likely I am on vaction and can be home with her. She did have a temp of about 102. it broke sat morning after the iv, and she is acting some better and playing a little but still wanting to nap more frequently than normal, I just wanted you opinion on it and what you experienced with your child. a friend of mines child had it and it took her 2 weeks to get her back to being active.. thanks melissa

  5. I followed ya sweetie. I guess it is safe to delete the old addy
    I followed ya sweetie. I guess it is safe to delete the old addy out of my favs right? I hope so. Anyway….Happy Memorial Day. My parent’s are in for the week so I won’t be around much or bloggin…but I will be back next week! You have a great week! ~*HUGS*!

  6. Hello Dear…happy memorial day! What are the Gigowskis up to t
    Hello Dear…happy memorial day! What are the Gigowskis up to today?? Hope it’s a good one. Love and hugs to you!!

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