happy monday

happy monday

happy monday everyone!

i am feeling MUCH better today, thank the Lord. i’m so glad my period is mostly gone – including the horrible emotions that go with it. shew! it was a bad one this time.

here’s today’s autumn poem and i LOVE it:

Faith Enough

-Edna Greene Hines

Wings in a wedge against the sky,
On and on I saw them fly;
Spellbound I stopped at the mystic sight…
Wild geese making their southern flight.

How can a mortal doubt God’s plan?
Faith enough here for any man,
Watching the blue October sky,
Flame-touched trees, wild geese on high.

also, i will be back with a pic of the day, because i’m also going to have a pic on our anniversary, thursday, of jerry and me. 🙂

i’m waiting around for a dishwasher delivery. it’s exciting because the one we have right now is horrible! we have to run it three times and even after that the dishes usually aren’t clean. not good.

i have spent lots of time today working on the main site, Gigowski’s Garden, so i’d love for you to visit it and tell me what you think! i combined JBears’ Country Home with it, so now it’s our couple site. 🙂 much simpler that way!

i want to thank everyone for their love and friendship as i was going through that tough time over the weekend. it means a lot to me. 🙂 God bless you all!

bye for now,

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