saturday eight

saturday eight

wow, i don’t think i’ve ever even done the saturday eight. but today i am, because it seems the Lord is telling me something through it. first, i have to get something out. i know i’m in pain but there are lots of people in more pain than me. women who have been infertile for years and years. i’ve only been married (almost) four years. which seems like forever to me to be without a child, but to someone else may seem like a day. it’s all in perspective. yesterday was a horrendous day for me, and i thank everyone who encouraged me with words and prayer, and those who said silent prayers for me – i could feel it, i promise.

i especially want to thank my bestest bud jen and my newfound friend autumn. they have shown me great love, compassion and encouragement. lookie what jen got for me yesterday, knowing how down i was: (thanks jenapooh! 🙂

Saturday-8: “Accentuate The Positives!!”

  1. Name at least one positive thing that you expect to happen for you tomorrow? One more for with the next week? One more for within the next month? One more for within the next 6 months?

    my period will be over soon. i have another chance to get pregnant. i will be a mama someday.

  2. Time to release. Say at least one positive thing about someone that you have not said and probably should have said to them before. (Doesn’t matter if they will ever read it)

    hmmm i’m usually free to give compliments to others, so i can’t think of anything that i haven’t said. but i’ll say again thanks to every one of my readers & friends who have prayed for me and encouraged me. you mean so much to me – i love you!

  3. Think of someone who you do not like right now and say something positive about them?

    i can’t say i dislike anyone right now. besides my period and there’s nothing nice to say about it.

  4. At the moment, in self-evaluation, how do you take positives that enter your life? Are you skeptical or suspicious? Do you have great optimism? Etc?

    it really depends on what day it is and what mood i’m in. i’m normally a pretty positive, optimistic person
    and take what comes to me as a blessing. but sometimes, i get down and skeptical about things concerning becoming a mother.

  5. Okay, depending on how religous you are, put a prayer or a wish for something specific and good in the life of someone you know?

    i pray that my best bud jen and my friend autumn will be able to adopt a baby very very soon. i pray they will be blessed with the perfect baby who will fit into their family. the babies who end up with them will be very blessed indeed!

  6. If an eccentric (and he must be eccentric to do this) millionaire was giving you a million dollars to throw a party for a very specific reason right now, what would it be and how would you go about setting it up? Also who is on the short list?

    um if an eccentric millionaire was giving me a million dollars it would definitely not be for a party. no way i would waste that much money on something stupid and frivilous as a party. i have loans to pay off, fertility appointments and drugs to cover, and i wouldn’t mind a house of my own. what i would do is hurry adoptions through for my friends jen and autumn, and also myself. i want to be a mama more than i want to give birth to a baby.

  7. Say thank you for one good thing you have right now and why you are thankful for it.

    i am sooooooo thankful for my wonderful, supportive, loving encouraging husband jerry. he is amazing to me and i know i don’t deserve him. even though he doesn’t understand what i’m going through, he still loves me and stands by me.

  8. Since life is not all roses, I am going to give only one chance to be negative this week. What do you think of my questions, positive or negative or indifferent, and why?

    i think they are very honest and hard to answer because of their complete honesty. but i appreciate being forced to open up like this.

well wasn’t that exhausting!

i had a baby shower to go to for a friend today. i have decided i’m not going. i’m going to go see her with another friend after church tomorrow. i really don’t think i could have handled the crowd today, especially with all the baby gifts that will be floating around. i feel very selfish and jealous when i do things like this, but i know i’d just burst into tears. i am burning her a lullaby cd right now and it’s killing me.

did i ever mention i want to make a lullaby cd for my children? i have made one song already. but i don’t have recording equiptment, plus i don’t play any instruments, so it’s kind of difficult. if you know anyone who can do recordings let me know. this is a big dream of mine, to have my children listen to my own voice to songs i have written for them, all through the night.

well i’m going to get off for now. i’ll go do my read rounds and thank everyone for their sweet comments.

God bless you all. you mean more to me than words can say.

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