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tough topic thursday

i had a punky dream last night. i don’t want to go into detail, but i woke up in tears.

today’s tough topic thursday, though i haven’t posted it yet, is DIVORCE.

divorce, for me, will never be an option. i believe the only appropriate reasons for divorce are abuse to spouse or children, or infidelity.

in both cases, i believe seperation should be first, and couseling should go to all parties involved, and if the offending party doesn’t change, refuses to change, whatever, then divorce may be an option.

for the Christian couple, divorce should be avoided at ALL costs. marriage is sacred before God and should be saved if possible.

this is how i feel about my marriage and all marriages in general. not that i hate anyone who has gone through divorce ( i don’t hate anyone ) but i don’t think any good can come of it.

ok done with that. i took a preg test today – yes, it’s a little early, but i couldn’t resist – and it’s negative. of course. i’ll probably start my period today now. that seems to always happen as soon as i take a pregnancy test. sigh. will i ever be a mama? i have been so emotional the past week there are only two logical explanations – i’m pregnant, or i’m going to start my period REALLY soon. i hope hope hope i’m pregnant. sigh. please keep me in your prayers. one minute i’m laughing and giggling, the next i’m in tears. i’m just a mess.

anyhow, i think that’s it for now. i have a few new adoptions that are for jen and me in the ‘my best friend’ section. 🙂 i love jen! 🙂 i also adopted one for me and autumn, but it’s not here yet.

have a good day!

God bless you!

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