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do you have any questions for me? if i didn’t mention something you’d like to know, i just probably forgot to.
thia asked, “how did you tell jerry?” well, this one is easy. he was home when i took the first test. the faint line was still pretty clear to me – i was pregnant. but i was still nervous about it – i’ve heard of false positives before, tho they’re very rare.
after i took it, i tried to take a nap. who was i kidding?! i couldn’t sleep! i called mom to ask her to buy the digital test. then i pulled jerry into our room to pray with me. i needed prayer because my head was already so high in the clouds, i was afraid what would happen if the test was wrong. his prayer really helped me. he also prayed, that if the test WAS positive and we really were pregnant, that the Lord would appropriately provide for our family, because he knew it would be more financially difficult for us.
well, not long after that, mom came, and i took the test. (first i had to figure it out – those ‘clear blue EASY’ tests are not so easy when your hands are shaking and you’re a nervous wreck!) and it finally blinked, then i did it, then waited for the blinking and then…it said PREGNANT. i jumped up and down – mom was the nearest person, so she was the first to hear the confirmation. ‘i’m pregnant!’ i screamed. ‘it’s positive!’ and she had to see it. then jerry and jeremiah came in and i yelled the same to them, and i cupped jeremiah’s face in my hands and said ‘you’re gonna be a big brother!’ and he looked at me like i was crazy, tho smiled a little since i was so happy. i kissed jerry and said ‘we’re having another baby!’ all the while, i’m jumping up and down, excited as can be.
so, thia, that’s how jerry found out. 😀
after that, i called my dad, then called everyone else i’ve ever met in my life (not really), saying ‘guess what i got for my birthday??’ hehe!!
something i’m sure everyone is wondering about, because i’m still working it out with myself, is my plan to nurse jeremiah. my plan at the moment is to continue nursing him as often, but nursing him LESS than i have. like the big nursing sessions we have, i want to cut them down to even shorter lengths. he only gets breastmilk as a comfort and as a supplement now anyway, since he eats big-boy meals. he nurses from 5-8 times per day, but most of those times are 5 minute sessions. why do i want to do this now? for one thing, my milk supply is already dwindling. my breasts never feel as full anymore. for another, during the second trimester it becomes more dangerous for the baby to have the uterus contract (which the uterus causes). third, i don’t want jeremiah to be nursing and then all the sudden there be nothing for him, and be cut off completely without any warning. that would be devestating. this way, he will still be able to get some from me, but it will be little enough that it won’t be harmful. perhaps when the baby comes, i will do tandem nursing (both the newborn and jeremiah). it will probably help jeremiah not feel so jealous if he knows that special thing is still for him. he will always be my baby boy so i don’t want to wean him, per se, but i guess in essence i will be doing just that, just very very very slowly. please pray about this with me, because it was always my wish to let him wean himself. i am willing to hear helfpul advice about this subject, but please keep the judgmental comments to yourself. i only want to do what’s best for both of my babies.
i know i mentioned this before, but the planned names are josiah benjamin and jalia annemarie. joyana elizabeth is still in the talks, but she will probably be daughter #2 as of yet. 😉 do you think it’s strange to have your baby’s names picked out so far in advance? am i koo-koo? lol.
i had my phone interview with the dr’s office today. according to THEIR calculations i’m due august 9, and they say i’m 7 weeks! wow. i guess i have really really low hcg levels, since i didn’t get a positive response until saturday, ya know? and they told me i WILL be getting the first ultrasound to tell how old the baby really is. isn’t that cool?? can’t wait to see the little swirl of the heartbeat, or hear the heartbeat for that matter! the whole thing is so exciting and i can’t believe i’m doing it all over again!
whatever i am pregnant with, i can’t help but hope for a little girl. jeremiah will be a great big brother to either gender, but i think he would have lots of fun with a little girl. and think about how it will teach him to treat other women – how to treat his future wife. ok so i’m making a big deal out of it – it IS a big deal. but i admit that there is that part of me who wants to pick out girly clothes and put ribbons and bows in her hair (and i know my mom is probably just dying to do the same thing, especially when she had such a tomboyish daughter! LOL). i think even my dad would like a girl this time. i KNOW jerry wants one. but like i said, either way, Lord, we’ll be thrilled!!!
i was thinking that if the baby is a girl (and only then) i want to have another baby shower, but i want to have it AFTER she’s born, so everyone can see her. i have acquired quite the little girl’s clothes collection from garage sales and stuff, so the baby wouldn’t go naked or anything. lol. actually, aunt natalie (my brother jay’s wife) wants to buy her coming home outfit.
ok i’m getting carried away…what if the baby is a boy??
i am calling the baby ‘bean’. like it? i called unborn jeremiah babyj until i knew his gender. but i think baby2 just sounds so informal or something. babybean sounds cuter. 😉
well physically i am still feeling the same, only a little less nausea, and i’m now constipated. blech. i just need to drink lots more water. i am so thirsty all the time, i don’t see how i’m not drinking enough! i am still feeling the fluttery feeling. but i’m also having some crampy feelings. i don’t remember that with jeremiah, but i’ll have to look back in the archives to see if i felt that with him. they aren’t painful cramps, just obvious ones. and nope, no bleeding at all yet. i never had any with jeremiah, so i’m hoping none will show up this time…
have a great day!!

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  1. Hi Jenn, congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! You
    Hi Jenn, congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting! You know, pretty sure that it’s safe for your baby for you to continue to nurse. I think that unless there is something wrong with the pregnancy it is safe and that would be considered a high risk pregnancy and you wouldn’t be able to continue intercourse either. Our womb contracts through the whole pregnancy, that’s normal. Think about it, many women get pregnant with another baby shortly after their baby was born and still nurse their babies full time. I stopped nursing Aidan shortly after I found out I was pregnant because I was ready and I felt like he was too. He was about 11 months when I completely stopped. I was going to just give him a cup but he wasn’t ready for one so i gave him a bottle and cows milk and he loved it. I just made sure that I snuggled with him while I gave him a bottle. Sometimes its nice to give your body a little break, but you need to be ready to wean. Good luck! Bless you Jenni

  2. I love reading about your excitement and I can hardly believe th
    I love reading about your excitement and I can hardly believe that I can say “been that done there”… lol! Chad and I have no names picked out yet! 🙂 But I can definitley relate on the false positive thing… even after taking 5, yes 5 home tests, and getting all positives, I was still afraid that it was too good to be true. Afraid that I would tell everyone and then have to go back and tell them I was wrong. When I heard the heartbeat it all became real to me! 🙂 So that was a very happy moment for me. And I think it is great that you think about things in advance- I am already in my fourth month! It feels like I just found out… things are happening quickly, lol! And we have a lot to plan. I wish you the best… I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday season!

  3. I’m SO happy for you! Wonderful that it didnt take you any time
    I’m SO happy for you! Wonderful that it didnt take you any time to get pg this go around! yay!
    I’ll enjoy reading about your 2nd journey. 🙂

  4. Dd was minutes old and I found myself calling her bean…and it
    Dd was minutes old and I found myself calling her bean…and it has stuck! When we swaddle her, she’s my bean

  5. Merry Christmas to you, Jerry, Jeremiah and Miss Bean (until oth
    Merry Christmas to you, Jerry, Jeremiah and Miss Bean (until otherwise told I’ll assume baby is a “Miss” ;)) Hope you have a great holiday and a wonderful New Years. I’ll probably be back through again, but can’t guarentee how much time I’ll have… so wanted to say Hi!

  6. omg Jenn! How exciting!! I am SO happy for you!! I hope you have
    omg Jenn! How exciting!! I am SO happy for you!! I hope you have a great pregnancy 🙂 I had those cramps too with my 2nd one….never had them with my 1st. Like period like cramps? That’s how mine were 🙂

  7. Jenn,

    About continuing to nurse… I *think* I remember rea

    About continuing to nurse… I *think* I remember reading (Maybe in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”) that nursing while pregnant takes nurishment away from the baby… Don’t know if that’s a medical fact or not, so don’t quote me on it… I guess whether you do or not, is up to you. Personally, if my breasts weren’t defective, and actually prodused so I could have nursed, I wouldn’t have nursed passed their first birthday. Why? Because if kind of grosses me out. But that’s just me. (Raised to be a prude I guess! LOL!) If I were you, I would do some research, to make sure it’s safe for BabyBean, then just follow your heart.

    I’m going to be living vicariously through you with this pregnancy, so I am hoping for all the juicy details! Congrats again!


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