my dear friend lost her baby. i am devestated for her and now so scared for my own baby. she was only a week or so farther along than me. please pray for her as i can’t imagine the pain she’s feeling. i love you julie.
as for me…
feeling: nauseaus, exhausted, weak, joint pain, hormonal, hungry, thirsty, bladder-full, a little dizzy. also, i felt the baby flutter in church yesterday!!!!! i know it seems early, but i’m positive that is what i felt. thankfully, no constipation and no vomiting yet – those were the two biggest horrible things with my pregnancy w/ mi-mi.
wearing: my maternity pants! yes, already, because i had felt bloated before and wasn’t fitting well in my pants.
emotionally: worried about the baby’s health, thankful that i am pregnant and not crazy (i had been wondering on thursday, after the neg tests, if i needed to see a dr because of how hormonal i have been feeling. seriously feeling inadequate, and overall CRAZY. on top of that, the bloated feeling, the frequent peeing, the hunger, the thirst were making me think i should start my period if i wasn’t pregnant.)

jan. 7 is my first prenatal appt. i also got onto my insurance’s ‘healthy babies’ program! not sure of all that is offered with it, but i’m excited about it.
i recalculated my due date at another site, with a 30 day cycle. according to it, i should be due august 17. wouldn’t it be cool to have the baby august 18? my bday, kc’s bday and jeremiah’s bday are already on the 18…i don’t know, most of the sites say 11th or 12th. strange. one just said the 9th. can’t wait to know for sure!

thank you so much for all the congrats! i really appreciated all of them. it was fun to surprise you all!! please continue to pray for the baby and me. health and safety.
God bless!

70 thoughts on “Update

  1. Yippee! I’m so happy for you!
    Yippee! I’m so happy for you!

  2. Jenn,

    Thanks for being there for me, and not giving me any

    Thanks for being there for me, and not giving me any words of wisdom… Which is what I DON’T need.

    With all those symptoms, I am sure your pregnancy is coming along great! Do you get an ultrasound at your first visit? It’s going to be hard for you to wait until the 7th! It always is for me.

    Love you too!


  3. Most of those sites don’t take into the late ovulation.
    Most of those sites don’t take into the late ovulation. (Which is most likely the case for a 30 day cycle.) If I were you I would run with the later date. Less stress at the end if you just expect the baby to be born later due to later ovulation. : )

  4. thia

    How did you tell Jerry?
    How did you tell Jerry?

  5. Umm, my neice was born on the 22nd… and I

    Umm, my neice was born on the 22nd… and I
    on the 25th of August. If you were overdue,
    and everything stayed safe that would be
    soooo kewl.

  6. Came from Rachel’s site – wanted to say Congrats!
    Came from Rachel’s site – wanted to say Congrats! 2 babies are so much fun!

  7. Julie, my thoughts are with you. I’m so very, very sorry.

    Julie, my thoughts are with you. I’m so very, very sorry.

    I’m glad your pregnancy seems to be going so well, Jenn– feeling fluttering already! I can’t wait to get into my maternity pants. I need to start digging them out, actually. Hee.

    See? We KNEW we were expecting, regardless of the test results. Mother’s intuition in full swing.

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