we had sex last night.
i was thinking the other day how cool it would be to get pregnant on my birthday (dec. 18) and deliver the baby on jerry’s birthday (sept. 30). wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! but you know, things never work out like you plan anyway. it would just be incredible.
i know that all children we have will be just as loved, wanted and adored as jeremiah is. but i can’t help but feel they might feel less-special than him, just because we prayed and waited for him so long. i know personally i will love our other children just as much (tho i know every love is different, the amount of love will be the same) even if we conceive immediately. but i just pray they feel it.
for the longest time, i wanted a boy next, so jeremiah could have a best buddy. now i am leaning towards a girl. but, again, whatever i get will be a major blessing!! i am just excited to see what the Lord has in store for our little family. how big will he grow our family to be? i have friends who are pregnant with their fifth child. will i get that someday?
i am going to make a list of my ttc pals and preggo pals and put their names on my sidebar. if you’d like me to add you, please let me know. hopefully soon, the list will be all preggo pals! 😀 also, the praying for a baby clique that i created will soon be a praying for a baby RING. i am moving all the cliques and fancliques over to the ring server. it’s taking a while but anyway.
i signed up for fertility friends. i’d heard people talk about it, but never tried it before. according to it, my fertile window this month is this sat, sun, and mon. which would be GREAT except we’re planning to go visit jerry’s mom in michigan. we’ll be staying at her HOUSE. can’t really have sex on my mother-in-law’s couch, now can i??? we really need to go see her tho because she hasn’t met jeremiah yet. 🙁 maybe we can have sex before we leave and as soon as we get back. LOL. i wish we could afford a hotel room, but seriously, in december, before Christmas and before jeremiah’s birthday? i don’t think so!! we already barely have any money.
prayers and blessings!!

4 thoughts on “Boring Update

  1. If you guys are limber and qui
    If you guys are limber and quiet, there is always the shower.

  2. If you are driving your van, I
    If you are driving your van, I say you christen the van.

  3. Um, I think the MIL’s couch wo
    Um, I think the MIL’s couch works ok…not that I’d know or anything…blush.

  4. Poor Jenn…. To tell you the truth *whispers*… While visiting
    Poor Jenn…. To tell you the truth *whispers*… While visiting mom once, we sort of experimented on the living room floor… While Mom was in her room watching TV…. *blush*… Got lucky that time! (That we didn’t get caught!) But if you make she she is asleep???? Or like someone suggested, there is always the van! LOL!

    Don’t worry about the next baby not feeling the same to you… He/she will be just as special, but in a different way…. But it’s no less. Plus, it’s nice having a newborn, when you have experience. You can do things so much easier… That makes it so much more fun! Plus, sharing the baby with an older sibling is SO MUCH FUN!

    One word of advice, when the second baby is born, let Jeremiah hold the baby as soon as possible… This pretty much stops any jealousy that is brewing. Believe me, it works! Done it many times over!!!!


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