dear jeremiah,
i cannot believe you are ten months old today. it seems like time is flying by at the speed of light. in two short months, you will have been in my arms for a whole year! that does not seem possible to me!
every day your papa and i love you more. you always surprise us with something, whether it be your sweetest nature to your orneriest behaviors! you are definitely your mama’s child! one minute you can be the sweetest thing, huggy, snuggly and totally amiable, the next you are throwing a fit because something didn’t go your way. i’m so ashamed to admit that i’m just like that!! i hope that we can help calm that temper down a bit and get your focus off yourself and onto others. though you do seem to have much of your papa’s gentle, giving nature in you as well. i’m sure your emotions will battle with each other for all of your life. mama has had the same problem! i pray that the Holy Spirit guides your gentler side and that you are more caring and giving than your mama has been so often. i wouldn’t want you to make the same selfish mistakes i have.
some of the fun things you’ve been showing us this month:
walking! though you don’t walk all the time, as i’d talked you into believing the other day, you do walk a lot, and it’s SO cute! you toddle around so assuradly…sometimes you surprise us at how fast you can go! you surprise yourself as well, and usually plop right down on your cute little bottom! 😀
talking! your babbles are turning into more and more words every day. your favorites are still mama, dada, dogdog and duckduck but you now say nana (nah-nah), and i am pretty sure you mean gramma!! it is SO CUTE! gramma is really proud and happy about it.
drinking from a cup! mama has stopped giving you any bottles except at night time. you do fine drinking from a sippy except when you’re tired, so mama is still letting you hang on to at least one bottle for the day. but when you have juice, water or formula in your cup at meals, you do WONDERFULLY and there’s usually not a drop left! 😀
sharing! this month you have really started to share your things. you share your food, your drinks, your toys, everything. it is so sweet to see. what a wonderful, giving boy you are!
brushing teeth! we have been brushing your teeth for months and months now, but you are now really getting into it. you like to hold the toothbrush yourself now and would carry it around everywhere with you if mama let you. and i am tempted, but the thought of you falling and ramming it up your throat outweighs the temptation!
knowing no! you DEFINITELY know what no means now. not that you always listen. in fact, you usually don’t until the 3rd of 4th time. but you know what it means, so we know that you are teachable. when we tell you no the first time, you either ignore us or you giggle with that ornery grin. redirection is tried, but usually ignored. you usually head back to the scene of the crime! when we tell you no the second time the same thing usually occurs. the third time, which is followed by a smack of your hand, you either wrinkle up your little nose and whine, you stick out your lower lip and cry or you laugh. i guess it depends on your mood. anything after that you receive a swat on the bottom, and that you really dislike. but that’s ok, because no matter what, when you disobey, we always remind you that you are very loved. you know that we don’t accept or approve of disobedience, and i know you’ll get it one of these days. we can’t expect you to behave like an adult when you’re not even one yet!
eating more! for awhile, you were eating less and were very fussy about eating. you are finally eating more all around – breastmilk, formula (when offered), fruit, veggies, meats, crackers, anything we throw at ya, you love! i think you’re hitting a growth spurt, because you’re seeming a tad on the chunky side lately. and i LOVE it! 😀
loving music! i’ve known for a long time that you liked music. but this month you have been playing on the keyboard, bop-dancing, and making up lots of new tunes. in the van, i’ll often hear you making up a song, with the lyrics mamadadamamadada, and a wonderful catchy tune. i’ll have to start singing along, and we make a great duet! i hope that you will really want to sing with mama sometime in the future, in church or something. you seem to have an ear for music. you love to play the keyboard, and especially enjoy hitting the sample button and dancing to it. i hope gramma will teach you how to play the keyboard so that you can play better than mama. all i can do is mary had a little lamb. and silent night.
hair…still growing! your pretty blonde hair just keeps growing and growing. and it’s still just as light and just as soft. it gets pretty curly in the back! why just the other night i saw a perfect curl, that looked like someone had forced it to curl like that! you are quite the looker little man! i don’t know how mama will ever cut your hair!!!!
your anxieties (separation&stranger) are still pretty strong. you don’t like to be separated from your loved ones. you still get really upset and scared when you wake up in your crib. once mama or papa is in there you are fine again. i hope this doesn’t last too much longer, because it’s not easy on any of us, sweet munchkin! you are so in love with your gramma and grampa and of course mama and papa, but everyone else it takes you a while to warm up to. except for that one waitress the other day…still don’t know what that love affair was about…

there are more things you’ve learned and done, but at the moment i am really tired, so i’ll have to put it off until we get back from getting your tubes. i pray you are safe through the whole thing, and that your mama, papa and gramma handle it well too! i love you, my sweet sonshine!!!!

your mama

please continue to pray for us all – jerry and i are pretty nervous, as small and simple a procedure it is, our baby will still be having a surgery and will be under anesthesia.

10 thoughts on “10 Months Old!

  1. LetLet us know when he’s out of thw wwoods.

    LetLet us know when he’s out of thw wwoods.

    Love and prayers, Ellen

  2. Wow, what a cutie he is becoming! Can’t believe he is 10 months
    Wow, what a cutie he is becoming! Can’t believe he is 10 months already, I don’t remember when I first found your site but I know he was pretty young then. Happy 10 month birthday Jeremiah!

  3. Awww.. Happy 10 months Jeremiah!!
    Awww.. Happy 10 months Jeremiah!! Praying all goes well!

  4. happy 10-month birthday jeremiah!!

    happy 10-month birthday jeremiah!!

  5. Hope things go well today! Ha
    Hope things go well today! Happy 10 month, Jeremiah!

  6. Happy 10 months! I am praying
    Happy 10 months! I am praying that everything goes well today!

  7. Happy 10 month birthday!

    Jeremiah reminds me so much of Jared
    Happy 10 month birthday!

    Jeremiah reminds me so much of Jared at that age….

    Praying for Jeremiah and his surgery…


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