it’s me, jeremiah!! mama said i can post because i deserve it. i have had a full day she says. it’s amazing how i can post while i’m sleeping, but i’m amazing like that. 😀
i have to get tubes in my ears next thursday, on my ten month birthday. doesn’t sound fun to me. i hope it fixes my hurty ears. i don’t like it when my ears hurt. but i am mad cuz i don’t get to eat before the time cuz i’ll have an’teesia. i don’t like that sound. it sounds scary. but mama will be there and so will gramma. i hope papa will be too. i want papa there. i love my papa a lot.
i said ‘uh-bye’ the other day. papa was holding me and telling me he had to go bye-bye. then i said ‘uh-bye!’ to him. mama and papa were very excited. i haven’t said it since. ya haveta keep them guessing.
i can walk! today mama says i am officially walking. i have taken more steps in a row that she can count (the other day i took 12 in a row) and i can stop mid-walking to pick something up and continue walking. sometimes when i walk i remind mama more of tiptoeing because i go in little bitty steps. but i have fun. i always swing my arms around and laugh and smile, because i know i make mama and papa and gramma and grampa so proud of me. i like it when they say ‘big big boy!!’ to me. i AM a big big boy!
i waved ‘for real’. i know i’ve been waving for a very long time, but tonight i waved like a big big boy. i didn’t just use my almost closed fist, i moved my fingers to wave too! mama had to call gramma for that. she was very excited. i think i’ll make her wait a few more days before i do it again. i can’t be so impressive all in one day, ya know?
i ate peas. no, not smooshed peas. i’ve been eating those for months! i ate real peas from a can. i picked them up with my fingers and ate them. and some of them i smooshed with my fingers. it was fun, and they were yummy! mama also made me some sweet potatoes and some squash and some pears tonight. but i just had some sweet potatoes. YUMMY. do i love sweet potatoes! mama said she’s going to be making me stuff more now because baby food costs too much money and we have a house now so we need to scrimp. i don’t know what that means, but it’s fun to be in the kitchen when mama cooks, so i’m fine with it. also, i think scrimp is a fun word. more fun than mama makes it sound.
i was a very good boy at the store. even though i tried to stand up in the cart. mama let me lie down on a blanket in the big part of the cart, but i wanted to stand up to see everything, so i had to sit in the front again. i wish i could lie down and still see everything. that is a pain when i can’t see everything. and it’s a pain when i can’t lie down. so i end up trying to lie down in the front seat and get all uncomfortable. but i wasn’t too grumpy. just near the end, when we were in line. but not grumpy enough that i didn’t flirt with the cashier. i always have to do that you know. mama says that it might come in handy someday. i just ‘membered. i did not act like a good boy the whole time. at the dollar store i started to throw a fit. i started screaming because i wanted to get out. i was yelling at mama to see what she would do. i have seen other babies scream at their mommies to see what they would do, and the mommies usually get really mad at the babies but then they get the babies out so the babies will not scream anymore. so i thought that’s what mama would do. but she didn’t. she didn’t get mad and she wouldn’t let me out. she just told me ‘it’s not time to get out right now, mi-mi. you are fine. i love you.’ and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. i tried screaming a few more times and she said it again every time, but then the last time, she also said ‘now that’s enough son.’ so i stopped. she said she was proud of me and i was a big big boy. i think i surprised her. but it wasn’t any fun screaming anymore when she wouldn’t do what the other mommies did. she was so proud of me that she let me pick out a book to take home. i had three books, and she told me to pick one, so i put one in my mouth and wouldn’t let it out of my mouth. it’s a book with babies in animal clothes. it’s by tom arma. mama likes his pictures. i like the babies that look like animals. that’s very funny.
i said ‘hi’ today. mama thinks so at least. i’ll let her believe it. i DID wave at her when i said it, and i said it right after she told ME hi.
kc and i are like best buddies now. unless i wake him up when he’s sleeping. he is VERY grumpy when he gets waked up before he’s ready. but i don’t mind. i laugh and smile at him, and point at his nose. his nose is long. and it’s black and wet. he has big teeth. bigger teeth than mine. he has a soft scratchy tongue. he has very soft floppy ears and i like to pull them. but mama and papa say ‘be gentle’ so i try to be gentler. i don’t want to hurt my dog-dog. and he has funny hair. it feels different than my hair, and mama’s hair, and gramma’s hair, and grampa’s hair. but i still like to touch his hair. he is a nice dog-dog and i hope we are friends forever.
i got new clothes from gramma again. she buys me nice clothes a lot. mama and papa haven’t bought me clothes in a long time. i wonder when they will be me clothes again? i see mama look at clothes in the stores, but when she puts it in the cart, she always puts it back down. i don’t know why.
tomorrow mama will pick up my pictures from target and jc penney and then you will see them on the website! mama hopes they turn out good.
mama said that the new look on the website is using a rotator script. the same script from the sidebar pictures. but the header pictures change when you refresh too. she got the idea from manda. this way she can just add different pictures and they will rotate, and she won’t have to make a new design for a while. i like the ducky one best so far. i love my duck-ducks!!
well mama needs to go so i need to go too. doesn’t make much sense does it? but i think you understand.
i love you!!!

4 thoughts on “It’s Me!

  1. I like the ducky one the best too. Although, I like them all.
    I like the ducky one the best too. Although, I like them all.

    I am so proud to hear that you are walking and saying “Hi” and “Bye-bye.” Can’t hardly believe what a big boy you are!

  2. Awwwwwww! Mi-mi you are such a big boy!!
    Awwwwwww! Mi-mi you are such a big boy!! I enjoyed reading your post…and hearing how you make your mama proud! I will be praying that your tubes insertion goes well and that you are back on your feet and a smiley happy boy in no time!! *lots of love and hugs to you sweet boy!*

  3. Hi Jeremiah! I loved reading your post.
    Hi Jeremiah! I loved reading your post. I bet you were tired after this 🙂 I hope you do well in surgery next week. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Jeremiah, it was so good to hear from you. I know you have lots
    Jeremiah, it was so good to hear from you. I know you have lots to say, but I never get to hear it (yet). You are right -scrimp is a fun word. That’s how you get what you need without much money! Grampa and Gramma have lived that way. Makes you appreciate things more, and helps you see God at work in your life, because some things happen that really are miracles!
    Can’t wait to see you toddling. I’m glad you are learning to obey Mama. I love you, my little sweatheart. See you soon!
    Love, your Gramma

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