well, i am finally back. ok, the long story.

all weekend, our church had a conference. friday night, it started at 7, and i was to sing a song. well, i went to wal-mart to get my prescription. of course i had to stop and browse, knowing jerry’s birthday was the next monday. i didn’t wear my watch. when i got to the car it was 6:40 already!!! so i had to hurry back home – amid all the horrible traffic from the tornado mess – and get dressed. i didn’t get to practice once home. so we got to the program about 15 minutes late!!!!! i had to walk on stage mid-praise song. i felt pretty dumb. thankfully there weren’t hoards of people, like i’d thought, so my nervousness calmed a bit. i did pretty good on the song. 🙂 on saturday, the conference was during the day. i wasn’t supposed to sing, but i wanted to hear my friend flor sing. well, i woke up sick to my stomach. i was miserable, so i couldn’t go. 🙁 sunday, i sang again – remember me. i did ok on that one too. then sunday lunch was a pitch-in at church. then i went home with mom and dad because jerry’s birthday dinner was for that night. my brother and his wife came over. it was pretty nice.
monday was jerry’s birthday. he is 30. can you believe it? i can’t either. i made him a tape (well, i started, but it wasn’t very good!), got him 2 shirts, a kelly clarkson american idol cd. he was happy. grandpa took us out to o’charley’s. he’s also giving him money for a gift.
yesterday jerry had the day off, so he was online a lot, until the comcast guy came to install the high speed internet access!!! woooohooooo! it took hours for it to connect, but since then, we’ve been cruising along!!!!!! i LOVE it!
so i will be back to my blog hopping sometime today. 🙂 hopefully. 🙂

well, i guess that’s about it. please keep me in your prayers – there’s a chance that i could have gotten pregnant this month, since my insulin levels were so good. pray pray!!

God bless!

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  1. Oh Jenn, will be saying some very special prayers for you if bei
    Oh Jenn, will be saying some very special prayers for you if being pregnant is what you want!! Remember God’s timing is not always ours and when it’s time it will happen and what a joy!! *hugs*

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