it’s been a while since i’ve written to you. you know it’s not because i don’t love you as much, or because i don’t have as much to say to you. it’s because mama has been really busy. but still, i’m so sorry sweet boy!
you are so amazing, and become more and more wonderful every day.
your hair is SO long and gets so cute and curly when it’s wet! i’m finally glad i decided not to cut it. your eyes are still a very deep, lovely blue. everyone who ever sees you comments on your pretty hair, your beautiful eyes and your adorable smile. your smile really does light up a room, and with your four and a half teeth it’s even brighter! 😀
you are not content sitting anywhere anymore. you hate being penned in your playpen, in your walker or in your exersaucer. all three are like prison to you. which has been hard for mama when i’ve been working at the new house, where it’s unsafe for you to be crawling around freely. you still love crawling, but really enjoy cruising more lately. i think you will be walking soon. but since you’re such a fast crawler, who knows! you may stick with what you know for a while. either way, you’re a real go-getter and are always on the move!
you have cut out your nighttime feeding and now sleep through the night. for real. i nurse you, brush your teeth and put you to bed at about 930 every night and you don’t wake up calling me (usually crying still, but i’m trying to work on you waking up happier!) anywhere from 730 to 830 in the morning. (this means you don’t want to go back for a nap after nursing tho, so mama needs to start going to bed when you do!!) after you nurse for about 30-45 minutes, you and i get up to play. you play for about 10 minutes or so until it’s time to eat breakfast. you eat fruit and cereal. mama usually lets you try to help feed yourself now, because you’re still in your jammies! 😉 then we play more and you get dressed for the day.
you like to listen to music and do a little shoulder/head bouncing thing that i call ‘dancing’. you like to pound on the keyboard to make your own music as well. it’s SO cute! and i always hear you talking in a very sing-songy voice. i hope you love music as much as mama does!!! will you sing like mama? will you play music like your grandpa gigowski? no matter what, i hope you love music, always, and praise the Lord with song.
you are still about 20 lbs and almost 29 inches but you seem so much bigger to us all. you fit comfortably into 12 and some 18 mo clothing & wear size 4 diapers.
you get annoyed during bathtime now. you don’t enjoy it as much as you used to! you want to stand up, and scare mama because i always think you’re going to fall and hurt yourself. needless to say, bathtime is much shorter now! and after bathtime, when i’m getting your diaper on and dressing you, goodness you throw a fit. you are such a whiney-butt sometimes! as long as i make sure you have something in your hands to play with, you are fine, thankfully.
you know what ‘no’ means. unless mama says it in the firm voice, you think i’m playing tho! and when i DO say it firmly, you get all upset. normally you burst into tears. but mama assures you that i love you, and you are fine. until you try it again. LOL. i know you’ll get it eventually. you’re only 9 months old – you have a while to get it down pat. 😀
you still amaze me with the words you say. you have said ‘gamma’ and ‘stinky’ on several occasions. tho i still haven’t interpreted the word ‘stinky’ like gramma has. hehe. you of course are a pro at saying ‘mama’ ‘dada’ ‘dog/dog-dog’ ‘duh/duh-duh’, etc. you are signing ‘more’ for mama now! 😀 and when you don’t want more of something, you wrinkle up your nose, pucker your lips and turn away. LOL. it’s one of your cutest faces!
you are such a loving boy. you give hugs and nuzzles, and the wettest kisses! you love your mama and dada and gramma and grampa so much! i wish everyone who loved you could spend more time with you, so that you could feel their love and also learn to love them.
i am so thankful for you baby boy. you are a wonderful, amazing child and i’m so in love with you. God made such a beautiful, precious, amazing child when He created you.
i love you!!!!
love, your mama

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  1. I love that you do this Jenn.. I wish I had done that for my chi
    I love that you do this Jenn.. I wish I had done that for my children.. I have a hard covered journal that I started when my oldest two were 3 and 4 that I write things to all the kids in.. but I wish I had started doing it when they were all babies..
    Lots of hugs..

  2. Jenn, so beautiful … I am so thankful that you take the time t
    Jenn, so beautiful … I am so thankful that you take the time to do this! What a gift you are giving Jeremiah and yourself: you are going to love being able to look back at these letters years from now … and this little boy will always know how very much he is loved! ((( hugs )))

  3. adriana and jeremiah are very close in size! adriana might be a
    adriana and jeremiah are very close in size! adriana might be a little bit taller though, but she is also in size 4 diapers. have you tried the pampers toddler traditions diapers? i LOVE them!!

    that was so sweet what you wrote to jer. he is so lucky to have you as a mommy 🙂

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