Successful Painting

hopefully this will be quick. i need to get to bed early tonight.
i mixed the mistinted paint to make the perfect match for the kitchen walls! i was able to do touch-ups and i think it looks really good! at least it looked good when i left. praying it dried nicely! 😉
while i was painting, mom was watching jeremiah at my grampa’s house (it’s confusing with the two homes now, but from now on i’m trying to call this house my grampa’s, and our new house home.). she said she is sure he said ‘stinky’ and heard him say ‘tawk’ for herself as well. after i was home, she was leaving the room and i heard him say something that sounded like ‘gamma’. how exciting!! he is such a talker!!
i’m afraid he seems to be getting sick again. 🙁 he was acting better and now he’s all fussy. of course it could be all the changes going on in his little life. babies don’t have great coping skills! i hope it’s that and he gets used to the new home quickly. i would rather it be that than him be sick again.
did i ever mention i got him an appt with the ent? it’s november 2. it seemed like an eternity when i made the appt, but now it seems pretty close. i hope they have some news to help this chronic ear infection thing.
i found a ducky design i like for jeremiahs shower curtain at kmart! i saw ducks all over but they weren’t what i was looking for. ***i was looking online to show you a pick but i can’t find this design anywhere, even at GRRR oh well you’ll have to ask to see that in the photo meme when the house is done! :)***
tomorrow we’ll be painting the dining room and hopefully the living room and putting the kitchen and dining room flooring down. my parents will be there and maybe my brother and sil.
while painting today, i took a portable cd player and played some of my newer cds. i listened to >telecast all the way through and am in love with them. they are awesome! you know, they are one of those bands that you love one song by, so you buy the album hoping you won’t hate everything else…i LOVE the whole cd. i highly recommend it!!! note: i just found out there is another telecast band. they are not the same as far as i know! lol – at least they sound nothing alike.
ok i’m going to bed now. hugs and God bless!

2 thoughts on “Successful Painting

  1. A duckie bathroom? Did I hear right? I *just* got done trying
    A duckie bathroom? Did I hear right? I *just* got done trying to talk Dh into turning our bathroom into a duck bathroom. He refused. Saying that if we ever have a house where Sarrah has her own bathroom… then SHE can have ducks. *pout*

  2. Jenn,

    Sounds like the house is coming along very nicely! Ca

    Sounds like the house is coming along very nicely! Can’t wait to see the “after” photos!! I bet it looks wonderful!! Are you going to paint a new mural on Jeremiah’s bedroom wall?

    Hope he feels better soon. It’s not fair that the little man has been sick so much!!!!!


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