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i realized earlier today that it’s friday and i still haven’t put up a weekly pic! shame on me. that will come. but i have been really thinking and praying about the election. i am pretty concerned about it. it really looks like kerry might be able to win. i don’t want to offend anyone, but this IS my blog…
the man has no morals and nothing to stand on. did you hear him the other day when he said he wanted women who might die to be able to have a partial birth abortion? what kind of moron would think that would benefit a woman? how would doctors forcing a breech birth, except the head, then ramming scissors into the back of a baby’s head, to deliver a dead baby, help a woman who was in danger?????? HOW TELL ME HOW?!?!?! if she is in danger at that stage (pba is usually done in the 7-9mos of pregnancy) then give the woman a c-section! don’t murder her child!!! he is really a man who does not think about things. and so many people are buying his crap. actually, i don’t know if they’re really buying it, or if they just hate bush so much they don’t care. that seems to be the case for a lot of people. what has the president done that is SO horrible?? i don’t understand.
i am just praying so hard about this election. it is a HUGE deal. i have decided that i cannot in good conscience vote for anyone other than bush (remember, i was thinking of voting for the constitution party guy). it would be too dangerous right now.
ok enough political talk. you know that doesn’t happen much here unless i think it’s very important. or if i’m overly upset.
now for the photos:
Becoming Buds
Invading KC's room
Plum Tuckered Out
I Think I'll Read This

please don’t forget to check out jeremiah’s new site design!

that’s all for now folks. God bless!

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  1. Julie


    Don’t get me started on Kerry!… I think you know ho

    Don’t get me started on Kerry!… I think you know how I feel about that man…

    The new pictures are too cute!

    I have been going through my older (pre-digital) pictures and have been scanning in a bunch of them for the boys’ pages… I remember you thought that Alicia and Amanda’s baby pictures look allot alike… But you should see the resemblance between Josh and Amanda!!!

    Hope you’re feeling better!


  2. Carol

    I just want to eat that boys sugars up. Such a cutie pie!

    I just want to eat that boys sugars up. Such a cutie pie!

    Honestly I don’t think Kerry has much of a chance. I could be wrong. You can’t go by the polls they keep talking about and certainly not by the tv media, that’s why I listen to talk radio. You know he also voted against the Lacy Peterson Law. Thank the Lord it went through anyway. You know I could go on, but I’m not. I’ll also be glad when it’s over. hugs

  3. Cheryl

    Hugs Jenn…I am so right there with you.
    Hugs Jenn…I am so right there with you. I just feel sick about the whole thing. I’m being led quite strongly to pray about this election – is it weird that I’m scared? Anyhow, you already knew all that, huh? 😉

  4. Candi

    Jeremiah’s site is so cute! I have never seen one so cute!!

    Jeremiah’s site is so cute! I have never seen one so cute!!
    Thanks too for the link to view your pumpkin photos, those were so adorable. He is really growing into a little boy. But too quickly I bet!! Can you believe he weighs more than my almost 2 year old. Chase is only 20 pounds! He is not even on the charts.

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