i’m back

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well hello again. i know it’s been awhile again…
today is jerry’s birthday. baby, i wanted to surprise your papa with the discovery of you. but alas, i’m not pregnant yet.
i have good news though. my insulin levels, which were 22 and i was supposed to get them down below 17, is 12! that’s very exciting.
i also have noticed a big weight difference – only 10 lbs in actual pounds, but my clothes are looser. i’m also getting more used to eating less carbs….usually. today we went to o’charley’s for jerry’s birthday…so i had fries, rolls and croutons. plus birthday cake and a bit of ice cream. i know, i know. but as long as it’s only once every now and then, right?
i am still hopeful that i may have gotten pregnant this last week. it’s possible, since my insulin levels were down so much, right?
well, that’s it for now.
good night, sweet angel – i can’t wait to meet you!!!

God bless,

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  1. Nicole

    Sounds like good news …hopefully you will be pregnant with tha
    Sounds like good news …hopefully you will be pregnant with that little miracle soon!
    God Bless

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