jenn loves…

jenn loves…

my pal jen gave me this idea…

go to google (the best search engine ever) and type in ‘your name loves’. see what comes up, and put it in your blog, or on your page!

of course you should cross out things that you DON’T love! 😉
here are my results…

jenn loves vash

Jenn loves to do arts and crafts.

Jenn loves figure skating, synchronized swimming, and swimming. Jenn also
loves watching hockey, college basketballl (esp Syracuse) and baseball.

Jenn loves the mountains and anything outdoors!

Jenn loves Jon

Jenn loves babies and kids. (lol this is from my sisters site!)

Jenn loves joshua jackson (love is too strong, but i like him a lot!)

Jenn loves dolphins

Jenn Loves My Dead Skin (um, EW!)

Jenn loves Fred

Jenn loves her new job and
enjoys stopping in the classrooms to check up on the children. (i wish i had a new job working with kids!)

Jenn loves your graphics and is entirely jealous of your creativity btw (i have my own creativity, thanks!)

Jenn loves hanging out at the beach and being outdoors.

Jenn loves Elvis impersonators, speaking in tongues, and work. Jenn loves work and
we love when Jenn works because great things come from all of her effort.

Jenn loves
the sushi there.
(blech – no seafood)

Jenn loves Jon.

Jenn also loves to surf. (never tried it, except the web kind 😉

okay, i think i’m done. i could go on forever, but i won’t!

have a blessed day!!!!!

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