Happy Birthday, Jerry!

Happy Birthday, Jerry!

it was about 7 years ago today that i ‘made my move’ on jerry. we had met briefly, and i was friends with some of his friends. i had decided to make him a birthday tape. back in college i LOVED making tapes for people, with my favorite songs, and a bit of commentary thrown in. i was on the college campus radio station – that kind of thing is fun for me! anyway, i decided to sing happy birthday on the tape too.
didn’t really get much of a chance to talk to the birthday boy at his party, but i watched him all night.
i found out later that he and his friends thought i was a bit insane after listening to my tape. they said i sang happy birthday like marilyn monroe and expected to hear ‘happy birthday, mr president!’ ROFL. i don’t know where they got that, because i don’t think i sounded anything like her…anyway, his friends told him to watch out for me but he was intrigued by me. good thing i didn’t scare him away….but then again, God was in charge and He knew just what jerry needed to be pulled in! MWUAHAHA!
anyways, i want to wish my sweet bear a very happy birthday. he is a wonderful, caring husband and an awesome, attentive father. he is truly amazing. all that he does for us, and sacrifices for us, we are forever grateful. jeremiah and i are so blessed to have him in our lives. to have someone who will work two jobs so that i can stay home with our son is a total blessing. i’m thankful that he gets to spend LOTS of quality time with our son too, with his new hours. even though i miss him at night, i do agree it’s better for him to see boo in the daytime. jeremiah loves his papa to no end!
i ended up getting him the photo shoot from target (with the matching shirts for him and jeremiah), some boxers (with snoopy on them!), and i made a collage that i’m printing to iron onto a shirt. it’s got pics of him and jeremiah on it, and it says ‘Proud Papa’ on it. 😀 i hope he likes! i also am making a carrot cake for him – his favorite! this sunday the fam will be celebrating at my mom’s house with his favorite meal – ham and scalloped cheesy potatoes. 😀
happy 32 birthday bear! i love you so much!!

dear dada,
i love you so much. you are the best dada i know. you hug me and kiss me and play with me all the time. you get off the computer when i need you and you hold me in the air when i need to be held over your shoulder. i want to be just like you when i am a big guy. i hope i love God like you do. i hope i love my wife like you do. i hope i am tall like you. i hope i am a good worker like you. i hope my son loves me as much as i love you, dada. you are so great and mama and i love you soooooooo much. i hope you have a big great birthday! kissies and huggies dada!!!!

dear papa,
i really miss you when you work so much. you spend more time with the kid than with me. but i still love you anyway. i wanted to tell you happy birthday. do i get treats on this day? or not? just wondering. i love you! licks and hugs,

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  1. Happy Birthday Jerry! Thanks for being such a wonderful support
    Happy Birthday Jerry! Thanks for being such a wonderful support to Jenn. Hope your next year is
    as blessed as this year.

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